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Local Running Club Goes the Extra Mile for a Drink

Woodside-Sunnyside Runners (Photo: QueensPost)

Sept. 10, 2012 By Bill Parry

Woodside’s Jay Radner created a running club in the winter of 2009 and today that local group is 280-members strong.

Twice a week members of the “Woodside-Sunnyside Runners” meet up at Windmuller Park for a serious run. However, this past Saturday, 10 members decided to have a little fun. They went on a pub-run, where they ran 3 miles and stopped off at 5 pubs along the way.

“We ran and stopped at Shelley’s (58-15 Woodside Ave), then we ran some more and went to Charlie’s (44-08 60th St),” Julie Borst, a club member, said. The members then popped into Murphy’s Pub (48-20 Skillman Ave) for some oysters, which, Borst said, “go well with running.”

The group then ran down Skillman Avenue to Flynn’s (46-08 Skillman Ave) and then went on to make one other stop.

One runner came from Manhattan to partake in the pub-run. “I do this twice a year or so, it’s good to get out and run with such good friends.”

Even on those days that club members go on a serious run, they often go to the pub afterwards. “When we do our running at Windmuller, we like to go to The Kettle,” Radner said. “The owner, Pat Tunney, is one of our top supporters.”

Radner, however, said the club is more than just running and drinking. “We like to do charity work,” he said. “Last October we ran to raise money for Jimmy Van Bramer’s food drive.”

For more information on the club, please click here.

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Any way to get a club going for novices? Runners, that is! lol. Although a beer afterwards is perfectly acceptable!!

you all make me laugh

Makes me want to start a drinking club. Only running will be to the corner store to buy more booze. I kid, I kid. Nice to see people having a little fun…


Nice to see our group getting local recognition. It’s been a wonderful way to get in shape, have some fun in the neighborhood and meet like-minded people.

There is also a Saturday AM runner’s bootcamp class!

Long time sunnysider

Good idea. We should hav more community activities in Sunnyside and woodside to get the locals to know each other


Running and drinking are not activities I would have thought go together but God bless the participants.


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