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Local Restaurants to Gather for Second Annual “Taste of Sunnyside”

Sept. 18, 2011 By Christian Murray

The owners of 22 neighborhood restaurants will be gathering in one hall next month to provide tasty samples from their in menus—in what is dubbed “Taste of Sunnyside 2.”

The event is expected to draw about 500 attendees, all of whom will be able to nibble on a variety of different cuisines, such as French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican and Thai. Additionally, eateries that have recently opened — such as Salt & Fat, Nodus and Sunrise Restaurant and Grill (chicken & ribs) — will be represented.

Each restaurant is expected to provide attendees with a sample of two or three of its most popular or recent new items from the menu. The event is being produced through the efforts of Sunnyside Shines (BID) and the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce. The name, “Taste of Sunnyside 2”, follows on from last year’s event, which was one of the most widely attended neighborhood events in years.

The aim of the “Taste of Sunnyside 2” is to showcase many of this neighborhood’s restaurants that many people are unaware of, and one not that has not yet opened. Both beer and wine will be available. The event will be held in the newly-renovated Sunnyside Community Services Ballroom on October 18, 2011.  There will be two sessons to allow for seating and to avoid huge crowding. About 230 people will be permitted to attend each session. The first will be from 5:30pm to 7:00, with the second one being between 7:30 and 9:00pm.

Tickets cost $25 per person. The best way to purchase them is online at the following Taste of Sunnyside site:

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Great!!!! Now you can taste all the food from our local grade pending places,=DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky Balboa

I will not be attending this year as a protest to the abundance of 99 cent stores. Enough! I have to wonder how many of these restaurants will be out of business by next year. I feel bad for the owners. There are empty stores on Skillman and a small branch of a bank would be a handy addition.

Jim Bob

Anyone see the irony here, BID has A Tatse of Sunnyside in a new venue this year, as the venue they held it in last year, went out of Business.Now there is a 99 cent store coming to replace the vacant building, former pool hall. A 99 CENT STORE!!!
Just what we need in Sunnyside another shop selling garbage, is this all BID can attract to Sunnyside?
In light of this BID throws a Party.
When BID was run by a Sunnyside resident, not a South Jersey College kid, this was not happening.
Should bid have stands for 99 cent stores at the taste of Sunnyside, there are more of them than Indian or Italian places,

Bliss & Skillman

Unusual that it’s indoors. All other “tastes of” I’ve attended have been outdoors with music and entertainment.


I know this from an insider: The other fast food places, among all local restaurants in the Chamber and the BID were offered a place in taste. White Castle’s manager is also the Chairman of the BID, and a volunteer, one of the taste event throwers, but he was asked in along with everyone else and signed right up. And, as far as I know, the manager of our White Castle and White Castle Corp doesn’t own any buildings in Sunnyside.
I actually like White Castle! and it is a favorite among a certain group of hipsters, and even tourists for as a retro thing.

Sunnyside Up

At first, I also thought White Castle seemed odd and out of place. Then I remembered that White Castle has been there for DECADES! I remember going there as a child when they had WAITRESS service. You would sit outside and a waitress took your order on a pad of paper and the food was brought out to you. I guess that was in the 60’s. For that nostalgic reason, I’m glad they will be there.


It great that we have 22 restaurnats particpating in sunnyside taste 2. maybe we should invite wendys burgerking and mcdonald to even out the fast food places. it would be great if they put it ina place in the middle of our town rather than a huge walk for everyone.

last year was fantastic with over 600 people comming sounds like we need a weekend event. maybe it will be thoiught of next year. at least it brught people into our town which is fantstic. we need tourism here.


My mistake, didn’t know the back story I guess.

Just thought a fast food chain looked odd next to all the other restaurants.

Going to enjoy it though!


Just ordered my tix!!!!

Doug – If I heard through the grapevine correctly, the owner of the White Castle also owns a number of other businesses and pubs in the area and is a very actrive member of BID. So, of course he’d be participating! And honestly, why not?

But there are a lot of others I’d like to see… like a lot of the neighborhood’s South American restaurants! I’m happy to see Sunrise there though, they were surprisingly good!


I think this event is a great idea and will give some attention to our locally owned restaurants! I will be sure to attend! I think our diversity and quality of restaurants is one of the prime attributes to Sunnyside.

With that being said it gave me a chuckle and then a sad shake of my head to see that White Castle will be one of the restaurants participating.


Awesome – I missed this last year, but I already bought my tickets for this one (the 7:30-9 session), and will be writing about it on


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