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Local pet store closes after 10 years in business

Photo: 2009

Jan. 19, 2017 By Christian Murray

A popular Sunnyside pet store closed today after being in business for more than 10 years.

Super Doggy Wonder Kitty, owned by sisters Judy and Tina Jung, opened on Greenpoint Avenue in 2005 but then soon moved to their 43rd Street/43rd Avenue location.

The store was best known for its dog grooming services. The small shop also sold toys, dog treats and a variety of dog and cat food products.

The store was a big supporter of the Sunnyside United Dog Society, a local dog advocacy group, according to Jeannette Remak, an active member of SUDS.

Remak said the store was featured in SUDS’ recently released book “S.U.D.S The Dogs that brought a Community together.”

“Whenever we roll around with our holiday donation box they are there to help fill it up,” read an excerpt from the book. “Their generosity helps to feed and care for dogs and cats from rescue groups all over Queens.”

In the past month, the store had been offering 50 percent of items such as food, beds and treats.

Remak said that the Jung sisters donated all the left over items to SUDS today, including food, collars and leashes. She said that SUDS will be giving those items to local animal shelters in the name of Super Doggy.

The Jung sisters could not be reached for comment.

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I know. Its horrible. Dog dirt all over like the 70s when you didnt have to pick it up. Its also true its people with small dogs. I see people with big dogs clean up and the people with the little dogs look around, and then walk away real quick. If the people with the bigger dogs did this we would really know it. I see it all the time from my window, because im in a wheelchair and dont go out much. I live by 43 and skillman and same here. Its not right.


Dog owners in this area are the worst . I lived in woodside by 72 & roosevelt, 41st ave& 70st, woodside ave and 65pl, and calamus & 71st. In 40 yrs of living there, and 6 yrs living in sunnyside, this is the worst ive ever seen as far as people not cleaning up after the dogs. Sunnyside is really bad ,now im talking south of q.blvd. its disgusting. It takes a minute to clean up, and its all these people with little dogs. There are 4 people on my block that open their door, let the dog(or dogs) out while they wait at the door, wait for the dog to crap on the sidewalk, and then call them. The owner never leaves the house. Next time im writing down the homeowners address and im posting it on this site so everyone can know which house it is. Theres also a guy on the corner of my block who throws his garbage and recycle on the hill of the express way along laurel hill between 47 and 45 st. Corner house on right


Good. Maybe that will instigate a reduction of dog ownership in sunnyside. Which means less dogsh*t on the sidewalks and arrogant owners demanding things for animals that people don’t get.

Yay!!'s Poppa

I’m Yay!!’s Dad, dont mind him, we only allowed Yay!! to have a goldfish growing up. We wanted to get him a puppy, but he never did, and still has yet to, show he could be responsible. We also got him a pet rock, and would you believe it, it died


Best pet store is in maspeth, grand and 74st by stop n shop. Worth the ride, they are reasonably priced and very well stocked. Grooming done too you just need your dog to be vaccinated. Or go through amazon, thats the best actually

alexander garcia

do u guys know where they went? i need to contact them. i love their service . my cat needs them asap. plz help

Rick Duro

Many thanks to the wonderful women that ran SDWK, very sad to see you go. Your kindness and warm smiles will be sorely missed. They were always there for SUDS, giving cases of tennis balls & poop bags to the run over the years. They also donated to our annual holiday food/supply drive for local pet rescue groups. Best of luck to you always:)

None Of Your Bussiness

i wouldnt be surprised if all the petstores close in sunnyside everyone who lives in sunnyside orders dog food thru amazon

no one has time to deal with garbage customer service in sunnyside


We once tried to buy our dog’s food there but they only had the smaller bags. We would be spending more money buying the smaller bags as our dog is a large breed.

WeePaws never has what we need in and whenever we left our number they never called back and when we went in when they said they’d have it in stock they didn’t have it. Plus they are slow with serving costomers. Its a shame because other then that the people there are always willing to help. I think their supplier is the problem and they need to get a new one and find a way to speed things up.

We mostly go to Pet Land for food and Skillman pets for grooming.

Worse was Rainbow Pet Supply. Kept him for HOURS and then lied that they nicked him. I wouldn’t have minded so much if they had just said he was nicked, but lying to me makes me wonder what else they’d lie about in the future. Plus their expensive and I think all that time they kept him was due to taking too many grooming jobs at once and not enough staff to do it.


I moved to Colorado 3 years ago, but I used to shop there and I always stayed a little longer for chit-chat. The shop owners were great. I’m sorry they’re closed.


Why couldn’t the disgusting store on 46th close down?
The one with the sick looking dogs, overcrowded birdcages left to bake outside in the heat with exhaust from idling trucks, and dark murky fish tanks.

Mostly I just think Super Doggy Wonder Kitty is an amazing name for a pet store.


Loved this store- Got to know the girls over the years. Sorry to see them go, especially since they’d just renovated.
I with them all the luck.


I stopped by this store once and they weren’t friendly at all! I went to Wespaw and they were AMAZING!!! The store is nice and spacious and my pups love it and they love the staff. The Wespaw guys are always friendly and helpful and I haven’t shopped anywhere else since. I don’t even go into Skillman anymore.


After it closes, an irish bar will be opening there because we need more of them in the neighborhood.


If any of you losers can get out of your mothers basement you will find there are very few Irish people in these Irish bars anymore it’s 95% American

Dog haters

More dig stories! How about some people stories. Let’s hear more about the Jung sisters. Rick Duro is killing this neighborhood!

Silent majority

I have to agree I inquired about grooming services and one of the girls was very abrasive. Not very good for a customer based business. Skillman pets is great for grooming.


They were too expensive and too under stocked. Limited space and limited inventory=limited income. Not a good recipe for success in the business world. Go to pets plus in maspeth, its the best pet store in this area of queens. Yea yea yea i know its not our neighborhood store but little spot has to eat. Forget wespaw, too high priced and the people who work there dont care . 3 times i order supplies there, the took my number, said they would call as soon as it came in, that was in november. I went in twice and the guy who took the order wasnt there, i asked the guy who was there, did my order come in, the other guy took it put it in the book, could you look. No, sorry, can you come back when hes here. I said no thanks, and i drove to maspeth


Wespaw has been fine for buying food, but I don’t know what’s up with their supplier (or maybe it’s their ordering?) on other items.

When they were still pretty new they had a basket to carry your dog on a bicycle. It was too small for my dog, and I asked if there was a larger version I could try. They told me they’d be getting a new shipment in two weeks and to check back then. Every time I went back after that (sometimes in a few weeks, sometimes a few months), they never had it and always said, “New shipment in two weeks.” After about 9 months or so I stopped asking.


I am sorry to see them close.The owners were lovely girls.They were excellent at grooming my dog, Rascal.Please contact me if possible in reference to having my dog groomed.


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