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Local businesses to host ‘Health Hour’ at Lowery Plaza later this month


Aug. 17, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

A free crash course on how people can improve their health is coming to Sunnyside on August 28, with local experts gathering to share their expertise.

Cooldown Juice is hosting the Sunnyside-Woodside Health Hour from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Lowery Plaza at 40th Street and Queens Boulevard, and it will feature eight short presentations from local experts on areas ranging from nutrition to boxing, and everything in between.

The hour will finish off with a raffle with prizes from the presenters including yoga lessons, Cooldown Juice gift certificates, and more.

Eric Barthels, the owner of Cooldown Juice at 39-11 47th Ave, opened his doors about a year ago, and began meeting other health-minded people almost immediately.

“What I’ve noticed is that everyone in the health industry has two or three points that they want to tell people about,” Barthels said. This sparked the idea for the Health Hour event, giving people a platform to share their tips with the community.

Barthels said he was careful to select a diverse group of local presenters so that there was no overlap between subjects, to make it as educational as possible.

The Health Hour is being put on with help from the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and Sunnyside Shines, both of which will be present at the event.

Raffle tickets will be handed out at 1 p.m. with the drawing will be at 2 p.m., and the winners must be present to claim their prizes.

The full lineup is:

Jennifer Colton—Holistic Therapy

Coach Nelson—Supreme Boxing Demonstration

Ann Sansaricq—“Techniques from Woodside/Sunnyside Runners”

Suryaside Yoga—“Yoga Tips for All Ages”

Eric Barthels—Cooldown Juice “Heal Your Vitamin Deficiencies”

Holly Toronto—Nutritionist “Sugar and Toxins”

Phyzique—“Got a Tender Spot? Surprising Advice”

Natalie Graniela—“Postural Therapy” Demonstration

Lowery Plaza

Lowery Plaza

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El loco

Hey what about a follow up to the squirrel poisoning story? Have anymore squirrels been poisoned and hugged? Or did Rick Duro and his rollicking band of dog lovers just make up the story in an attempt to gain publicity for their organization as most people in the neighborhood believe? We demand to know!

Oil, beef, hooked

Here’s a health tip: don’t spend any more time in “Lowery Plaza” than you have to. Unless you think 6 lanes of traffic and car exhaust are good for you.


Lowery plaza doesnt look very healthy. In fact it doesn’t look like a plaza. Pigeons, Litter, dirt, dust, noise pollution from trains, air pollution from car fumes,little thugs getting off the train. Its filthy,strange choice for a health inspired event.

El loco

Nice event. I don’t know what anonymous is babbling about. Perhaps he/she was drinking at the time. And it’s Rachel not Raquel!


1) Her name is Rachel 2) Sunnyside Shines already actively helps out plenty with businesses within the Sunnyside Shines district, and they’ve hosted many events prior for businesses outside of the district!

This event looks like a fun new idea and I look forward to it’s success!


Sunnyside Shines offered advise and answers to a few questions. While the two 15 – 30 min. consultations were greatly appreciated, no expense at all was spent by Sunnyside Shines. This is a local event put on and organized by local businesses. Our objective is to promote local organizations focused on bettering our community, including shines and chamber. That said we did receive production, marketing, artwork and strategy support from The Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce.


The Chamber does so much good behind the scenes, don’t they? And they have done it for decades! We are so lucky neighbors have kept it vital in the tradition of the neighborhood’s pioneer business people.


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