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Sunnyside’s B24 Bus Might Be Scrapped on Weekends

By Brendan McKenna

The B24 bus that runs through Sunnyside has been added to the list of lines under consideration for service reductions in plans released by the MTA on January 22.  If the plans are instituted, which would go into effect in June, riders would no longer be able to catch the bus on weekends, and the already infrequent B24 would run less during the rest of the week, particularly at the beginning and end of the schedule.

With the B24, it can take just 10 minutes to go from Greenpoint Ave. (Sunnyside) to Manhattan Ave. (Greenpoint).  If the B24 is curtailed on weekends, many riders will need to take the No. 7 train to the “G” subway stop at Greenpoint Ave. instead, which can take 20 minutes or more.  Travel times will also significantly increase going toward Williamsburg as well.

However, many B24 riders would be able to take the B43, B48, or the Q39/Q59 instead — but travel time would also increase significantly.[Full report: (page 94)]

With recurring G and 7 train closures (and permanent reduction of the G service to Court Square), it seems that Queens and Brooklyn are being further divided.  This service cut may also hurt retailers on Greenpoint Ave.  Additionally, the bus line provides an important service for Sunnyside’s disabled and older residents.

The MTA plan is still considering whether to decrease the No.7 train service on weekends and other off-peak times.

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