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Local Assemblywoman Endorses Quinn for Mayor

Assemblywoman Nolan (Photo:

March 26, 2013 Staff Report

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan announced today her endorsement of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for Mayor of New York.

In offering her endorsement, Nolan, who serves as Chair of the New York State Assembly Committee on Education, specifically pointed to Quinn’s record in balancing the City’s budget while preventing mass teacher layoffs and her proposal to expand access to pre-K, citywide.

“I can think of no greater champion for the students, teachers, and working families of Queens than a Mayor Christine Quinn. I am proud to offer her my support and I intend to make the case to Queens families that we have a great pro-education, middle class ally in her,” said Nolan, one of the longest serving women in state government.

“I can attest to her record of accomplishment. Working with her to expand kindergarten in our city is an example of her tenacity and ability to get things done for our kids. As a parent of a teenager in a NYC public school, I know I can trust Chris Quinn to put our children’s interests first,” Nolan said.

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Stark contrast to Mayor Bloomberg ever the gentleman rarely raises his voice and is considered one of the most highly effective world leaders.


Stark contast to Mayor Bloomberg ever the gentleman rarely raises his voice and considered a highly effective world leader. Need more fresh forward looking talent like Jimmy Van Bramer (love him)


Quinn is a bully as is DeBlasio. Their pandering is sickening. Quinn allowed Bloomberg to bypass the term limits referendum. Is this the best we can do? As for Cathy Nolan, she is another one who could not get a job in the private sector because of her lack of talent. It is a pity that people have bought into the incumbent protection racket which hurts the neighborhood.


Christy will never get my vote. Extending term limits for mayor blooming and herself was a slap in the face of democracy.
As long as we have poor poor candidates like John k Wilson, politicians like nolan will stay in office for life.


@ Anonymous You are an —–. Those blanks represent letters that spell a very unflattering word.

queens plasma

its always the same people, cant we get some new blood in local politics where it takes at least a few years before we realize theyre scum.

Oppressed Masses

What a surprise! The incumbent protection system rolls on. Meanwhile, not a peep on Vito Lopez nor Shelly Silver and the inaction on tolerance of a climate of sexual harassment including sexual behavior directed to underage girls.


Bloomberg crony who has repeatedly sold out the working/middle class supported by Sunnyside. That’s rich. At least maybe that will be the end of Sycamore anti hipster/yuppie rants.


I don’t like people who use displays of temper to get things done. Nor do I care for people who misuse their power of office–hurting constituents because a councilmember overstepped bounds. Not great traits in a friend.

But ruthlessness is required of politicians. When men are ruthless they are strong, when women are ruthless they are “-itches.” Be strong, CQ. I don’t want to be your friend, but go ahead, be strong.

New Whirled Order

Mark my words, anyone who is critical of Quinn and doesn’t support her candidacy will be labelled a homophobe. She is a petulant child who will use her sexuality to smear and silence her critics.


has anybody read today the article on Quinn in the sunnyside post — unbelievable — what a bully — god help us if she gets in — i guess her parents never taught her any manners


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