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LinkNYC kiosks, offering wifi and phone charging, go up in Sunnyside/Woodside


Nov. 9, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

LinkNYC stations have made their way in to Sunnyside and Woodside bringing with them free wifi and phone charging.

The new Link kiosks have appeared along Queens Boulevard at 33rd, 34th, and 35th Street, as well as further up at 46th Street and at 60th Street. While the kiosks are up, they are not yet active.

The stations replace the now-outdated payphones.

Each Link will be equipped with free services including high-speed Wi-Fi, phone calls, a tablet for maps and city services, and device charging.

“The first @LinkNYC kiosk has been installed in Sunnyside. We’re excited to use the free wifi across the street in Bliss Plaza!” tweeted Sunnyside Shines, the Sunnyside BID, Tuesday.

Though about a dozen kiosks were added in Forest Hills and Jamaica earlier this year, these installations mark the first in western Queens.

The LinkNYC network was commissioned by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2014, and went in to its beta phase in January of this year, meaning more services will roll out over the next few years.

Several hundred Link kiosks are already live throughout the city, and the program will expand to about 7,500 locations across the five boroughs in the next eight years.

To see all Link locations throughout the city, visit

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Fan of Dough Boy Park

All your warm, bitter tears will help me make my pancakes taste better( out of seltzer, try it, makes fluffier pancakes) . Your queen wasn’t coronated because other people are allowed to have opinions different from yours. No new interns for Bill ,but ,sadly, I do read about a crybaby generation weeping in the streets and campuses. I always thought college was supposed to prepare you for the real world, not hide you from it. Do they wear cap and gowns or bubble wrap at graduations today?


-Fan of Doughboy How come you only respond one tenth of my post? I guess my post is just true and indisputable.

Fan of Dough Boy Park

Mac- I hate the pill popping limbaugh and why do you assume ( ASS -ume) I watch faux News. People died in Benghazi and Hillary was ” what difference did it make anyway”? She blamed a video and said it was a riot, because when I riot I always show up with RPGs and plastic explosives to get through security defenses. People hate the clintons. They are pimps. Your a sheep looking to be sheared if you support the Clintons. And TY for saying thanks on Veterans Day, most people don’t even appreciate it

Bill D.

That is your right, a tent will be provided with heat and bathroom facilities and hot towels as needed.

fun to watch clintons smile fade as the nite went by ha ha ha

free? man trumps been prez elect one day anc already things are looking better!!! cant wait for th next 4 years!


It takes a powerful brainwashing technique to get a dumbed down electorate to vote for a creep with an orange comb over who talks about his private parts on national TV.

Fan of Dough Boy Park

Powerful brain washing technique? You got abc, NBC,cbs,MSNBC,CNN,ny1 all slagging trump for months and he still wins. I was for Bernie, -a man who walked multiple pickets lines with us ,but the Democratic Party clipped him, but Trump won because people are tired of politicians who DO say ” what can my country do for me” not the other way around.

Joe at the Berkley

-Fan The main reason for voting Trump stated by the people of Michigan and Wisconsin was low wages hindering people’s ability to make a living and support their families. These two states Republican state houses and Republican Governors only recently passed Right to Work legislation (RTW) which studies have shown reduces workers salaries by $1,600.00 not to mention the reduction of other benefits such as health, pension etc. So stacking both houses and the Executive branch with like minded (RTW)politicians is going to change this trend? Pence eagerly passed the RTW legislation for Indiana. This is the “brainwashing” blame is speaking of. So, it’s pretty safe to say putting these guys in office is not going to reverse this trend only accelerate it on a national level.

paul ryan

… yeah, and you’d have to be quite a loser to get blown out of the water by Trump and his team who had no experience running a natl campaign. Clinton was quite pathetic when it came down to it.

Bernie Sanders the socialist says he wants to run again in 2020…. my god someone put a bullet in the democratic party. This slow horrible death is too painful to watch even for a fox news fan like myself.


-Paul You’d have to be a “loser” or a victim of brainwashing through repetition like “crooked” Hilary was. Something said enough times becomes automatically the truth. Notice how Trump never really debated an argument he would automatically create a catch phrase and frequently fall back on it. “Little Marco”, “low energy Jeb”, “nasty Ted”, “Crooked Hiliary” etc. this is the simplest form of brainwashing by keeping it short and simple for the masses. Also a favored technique of our enemies in WWII. It’s not a coincidence that poorly educated or under educated white voters gave Trump the edge he needed. Under educated respond best to these tactics.

Fan of Dough boy park

” poorly educated” white male votes. What a ruse. The liberal media snobs got it completely wrong and need someone to blame for their short sightedness. People simply don’t trust the Clintons and wanted an outsider, no matter how flawed.


-Fan of Doughboy (Happy Veterans Day Doughboy)..You have been brainwashed through repetition by Fox News and Slob Limbaugh. Trump has admitted in court to personally hiring illegal aliens to a court judge as the Barron. Trump Unuversity is discussing and releasing a multimillion dollar settlement to the victims of fraud perpetrated by Trump. Don’t forget that $18 million dollar insurance check Trump received for his Florida property (the “really good insurance policy”) but for some reason not a single work permit was filed for the property. Crooked Hillary Crooked Hillary you should use the posting handle beetle juice you weak minded brainwashed imbecile.

paul ryan

trump will take the oath in Jan 20, wipe your tears and move on loser.
and no I am not poorly educated or a racist, I voted against clinton because i want to see our economy grow and GDP increase at a faster pace than it has been over the past few decades, manufacturing & business, creating jobs, increasing wages, growing communities. This is what working class America wanted on election night. This is what clinton and you failed to listen to. Open your ears or you will lose once again in 2020.

Can wait for the next 4


@fan of doughboy I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Do a little fact checking on Donald Trump before shooting your uninformed mouth off. Donald Trump is no “outsider” go look up how much of his fortune came from the US gov’t from HUD and Naval Housing alone. You sound like a chest pounding uninformed blowhard. You’re a band wagon jumping fool.

Mike P

-Paul Ryan Do you really expect Republicans to turn away from their low wage beliefs and practice of passing (RTW) Right to Work for less legislation? You sure do sound uneducated.


So why the 13 block gap between 46 St and 60 Street? What is the criteria in how are these locations determined?


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