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Lights on the Sunnyside Arch to be repaired, after long history of being on the blink


Oct. 2, 2017 By Christian Murray

The lights on Sunnyside Arch are about to be replaced after being on and off for years.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has allocated $15,000 to replace the existing neon lights that have had a history of failure.  The lights will be replaced with LED lights that Van Bramer said are easier to maintain and allow for more elaborate lighting displays.

The neon lights were originally affixed to the arch in 2011, then failed for eight months in 2012 and then went down last year.

“Many people reach out to my office and ask me ‘Why don’t they work?” Van Bramer said. He said that many residents want them to work since the arch provides a sense of neighborhood pride.

Van Bramer said he expects the lights will be lit different colors for certain holidays, such as being green for St. Patrick’s Day. He anticipates that the new lights will be installed by the end of the year or by spring of 2018.

There will be a formal announcement of the $15,000 allocation at the Arch at 2 pm Tuesday.

The Sunnyside Arch, which spans 46th Street on the southside of Queens Blvd,  has been a neighborhood icon since it was erected in 1983.


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John godownonmei

I don’t understand why they don’t force commenters to use real names. This is a joke

Sunnyslide Up

Ms Crabsnatch chiming in again with grammar corrections. She’s been seen at White Castles with Neal on several occasions. I would say they’re an item for sure!

Jehovah's Apprentice

This is great to hear – this kind of decorative work has a way of prompting other improvements as people notice THEIR shit looks shabby in comparison. For any old fat fucks bemoaning this sign as tacky, be aware that we all consider YOU tacky and patiently await you to die so we can get your apartments.


close down 46th street between greenpoint & queens blvd. if they can close down times square, why not 46th street?


Just great. Now everyone is going to pull over to look at the shiny lights and it will be impossible to find parking. I blame hipsters and JVB.


$15k? Bring two Chinese dudes from Flushing, they fix $1000 plus Chinese take-out.. Who are they hiring? Union bosses? $15k, Give me a break…

PS: I like the lights and the arch, maybe they can one day cover the 46th street and make it look like a plaza. Do not make it pedestrian only-though, right now there aren’t enough streets heading to 495, people already speed on all other streets, when are we getting speed bumps on streets leading to busy roads? School streets don’t have speed bumps, but streets where politicians live get speed bumps? That’s something!

Dorothy Morehead

There are DoT regulations on how to distance a speed bump can be from an intersection. The usual 200′ street-to-street (vs. avenue-to-avenue) block is too short to accommodate a speed bump. There are speed bumps throughout this district on the longer blocks. They are usually installed at the request of residents of the block.


@Me – You’re obviously a new bee transplant “495”. Welcome. We need to teach you the lingo.

English Teacher

@Bruno you’re obviously a newbie to the English language if you think it’s spelled “new bee”

Ms. Crabtree

English Teacher- As a teacher myself I have used “new bee” to reference a person as new to the hive.

Lighting like Times Square will only attract giant Elmos

geez, about 15 yrs ago the local politicians had a lot of money to renovate it, then they used the money for something else. Then FOUND some other money a few years ago and obviously did a shoddy job.

Please dont light this thing up like Times Square, lets have some class and stop the tacky trend of colors that shift every 5 secs

The Klapper, lights on lights off

El Loco says that he will donate the light bulbs leftover from Oran Juice Jones’ European Tour circa 1979. This will save the tax payers much money. They are in storage in Al from Sunnysides mom Sheila’s garage over on skillman Ave. Neal said he will help install them pro bono.


Please spend that $15,000 on something more deserving. Just take that thing down. Looks like an entrance to a carnival. No class


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