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Letter to the Editor: Enough is Enough

June 4, 2020, Letter to the Editor from Judy Zangwill, Executive Director of Sunnyside Community Services

Letter to the Editor,

We as a nation, community, organization, and individuals are deeply hurting and, once again, deeply enraged. Emotions are raw right now, and most of us are in pain. For some, that pain is very personal and frighteningly real. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Abrey are brutal reminders of the evil racism that exists. The racist incident in Central Park could have easily had just as deadly an outcome. Tragically, none of this is new. There have been countless atrocities perpetuated where people have screamed; enough is enough. But we are still failing the most vulnerable. In 2020, and with heavy hearts, we are still enraged. Enough is enough!

We are still in a pandemic that has particularly impacted black and Latino communities. There are so many things that need to be examined and addressed, so this nation can truly live up to its ideals.

Our vision and mission at Sunnyside Community Services envisions diverse, inclusive, and caring communities where all people thrive and reach their fullest potential; to enrich lives and strengthen communities through services and engagement of individuals at all ages, beginning with those most in need. Never has the mission of SCS been more urgent in ensuring the needs of dignity, respect, safety, opportunity, being valued, heard, and seen.

With many of us working and learning from home, it is even more difficult to vent and share our feelings. I am especially concerned about the young people we serve. While this is happening, we are also fighting against budget cuts to our programs that engage our community in meaningful ways. It is going to take all of us to be part of a movement to effect real change, address systemic inequalities, and acknowledge that Black Lives Matter.

Sunnyside Community Services stands ready to be part of the conversation and solution.

Judy Zangwill

Executive Director, Sunnyside Community Services


*** Judy Zangwill has been the Executive Director of Sunnyside Community Services since 1990. SCS serves more than 16,000 people of all ages in Queens and throughout New York City with 175 in house staff, 2,000 home care workers and field staff, and almost 400 volunteers. Learn more at


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learn the facts

even though blacks have many more contacts with the police more white people are shot and killed by the police every year…this whole wave of supposed outrage is fake…you never see protests when a black kills another black…just another excuse for the racists to hate on the cops and white people


They could not care less about the black police officers gunned down by the looters and rioters

Why would advocates against violence and the loss of black lives cares about black lives?

Super logical 😂

Is that related to this article in any way at all or…?

Whatever happened to social distancing?

Platitudes, cliches, bumper sticker slogans, vacuous touchy-feely ramblings….

Let’s all sing kumbaya now.

Moral vanity at best. Brought to you by affluent white liberals

J Murphy

Just looked over the financial statements for 2018…Close to 5 million paid out in salaries? 5 MILLION ….Hmmmm I wonder if Ms. Zangwill would disclose her compensation? After all it is a non profit funded by the tax payer….I’m sure …not certain…. that she is an advocate for Donald trump releasing his tax returns. Lead by example!

Why is Trump afraid to release his tax returns?

$5 million dollars! Oh my goodness!

The $450,000 Trump spent to fly neat planes over NYC for a couple seconds, way better use of taxpayer money. Stupid liberals!

J Murphy

Thank you for your reply…..and yes The “citizens” of that era may not have comprised the population as a whole but it was a different time…however, in our modern age today…all people in the USA that meet the criteria are by birth or can be naturalized “citizens” ……equal! We can argue there are instances of injustice….inequality of opportunity…but that does not change what it means to be a “citizen”. The focus should be on the institutions that strengthen and protect the rights of a citizenry. By advocating the destruction of a concept ( citizen) …simply because one cannot live up to the responsibilty or is not capable of living in a civilized manner is unacceptable.

evil smile

Um, no. I will not be supporting her. I don’t know what her motives are.

In 2019 African-Americans made up less than 14% of the population but they accounted for more than 23% of the just over 1,000 fatal shootings by the police

That’s according to the FBI. Oops, completely wrong again! 😂

Like you said: “learn the facts,” how embarrassing.


Plain and simple:
I am getting sick and tired of being called a racist because I am white.

Agreed, George Floyd's life matters

Black lives matter, and all others do too. Thanks for supporting BLM! The protestors are concerned about the police murdering a black man, you can read about it.


J Murphy -,Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome,”The Republic” are what you’re using in defining a modern use of the term “citizen”? Some citizens were clearly “citizens” of higher standing in these places, especially specific men and slave owners.


@hashtagger as “Un”learn the facts- The bad economy got Clinton Elected. Fact!!Keep publishing Fox Propaganda and history re-write, we enjoy the laugh. Past 30 years shows the stock market and overall economy and economic indicators do better under Democratic Presidents, look it up or create your own research and analysis.


Judy’s out there making a difference every day while the commenters here stare open-mouthed at Fox News. We’re with you JZ. Don’t listen to these cynics and trolls.

learn the facts

according to FBI crime statistics you are more likely to be killed by the police if you are white…enough of these lies for political purposes and to incite riots in an election year…maybe it worked in 1992 to get Clinton elected but we will not be fooled again in 2020…see ya at the polls!!

That's completely false

The vast majority of arrestees are white as well, that’s because the majority of people in this country are white 🤦‍♂️ are you really that gullible?

J Murphy

Wow….let’s all take a knee. Let’s apologize and take responsibility for the actions of others past and present……no matter that individuals should be held to account for their choices. The concept of what it means to be a “citizen” goes back to ancient Greece and Rome ( the Republic)….where it was the treasured. To be a “citizen” (the concept….it wasn’t always perfect in practice) regardless of your social standing or wealth meant “NO ONE HAD ANY GREATER “RIGHTS” than any other citizen. Instead of taking a “knee” how about we think about just how little as Americans we value our own “citizenship” How about “justice” ? Individual accountability? How about improving a legal system to implement “Justice” in a swift , impartial manner? For all ……regardless of skin color….commit a crime? Be held to account? discriminate ? be held to account!
How about we judge others as individuals? Not as a group? Imagine that?

How about basic respect for our laws and respect for our neighbor? All neighbors ……. how about taking responsibility for “YOURSELF” Stop blaming some imaginary boogie man for all your “ills”. Want a better life? How about getting up everyday and going to work?
How about acknowledging the great contributions in science, medicine, government, law etc…..that Western Civilization has given us? I…. How about becoming a real parent to your children? Make the idea of a two parent family something to strive for? Taking an interest in your childs education?
Sorry…… I’m not kneeling I’m not ashamed…I’m proud of who I am …


We cant have no HS / College graduation ceremony No prom for these kids who look forward to last get together with classmates due to virus but thousands can protest and its ok ??


NYC is one of the most segregated cities in the country. You rarely see a black face in Sunnyside. Why is that?

Give me Air Jordans or give me death


Their lives only matter if they serve the democrat agenda.


Does the lives of David Dorn and Dave Patrick Underwood mater, where are the politicians calling out for justice for these fine men who protected their community.This is a question can anyone please reply with a logical answer?

Yes they do, many politicians have addressed it

That’s why you keep copying and pasting it.

George Floyd matters too. Thanks for agreeing we should protest his murder.


A panderfest
Hey Judy
Any thought about the businesses shut down and then looted ?


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