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Lenny’s Pizza–Located on Greenpoint Ave.–For Sale


March 17, 2015 Staff Report

Lenny’s Pizza, located at 44-08 Greenpoint Avenue, is for sale.

The pizzeria, which opened in 2010, is on the market for between $450,000 and $700,000, according to the Multiple Listing Service.

The listing comes shortly after the opening of Nonna Ginna, a new pizzeria located one block away.

Lenny’s occupies a large space with room for about 40 seats.

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pizza man

La bella isnt across the street, nonno gina is. Labells is on 47 st and g.p. ave. And the owner just retired, the 2 guys running la bellas will be closed soon too the food is off already. Go to nonno gina. Very good. Lennys was terrible.


The pizza at Lenny’s is terrible. Once the La Bella opened across the street where Singha’s used to be that was the beginning of the end for Lenny’s.

Sunnyside Kreegs

I wish “El Triangulo” was still there. Lenny’s never belonged. Much much much better pizza options in Sunnyside.


El Triangulo was shut down because of an excess of vermin- mice and roaches were everywhere.

Isaac Hunt

They had some really good food esp the skirt steak. “The Triangle” I believe it was called.
I think I’ll be getting a skirt steak for dinner now


to list this dump for that price I don’t know who is stupider the ownership thinking it’s worth that price, or the broker and real estate company that actually agreed to waste the time doing it?
Their isn’t places in Brooklyn or Manhattan with brand new build outs getting that price.
Trust me I’m in the business and know what I’m talking about.
This place would be lucky to get 50k for a fixture fee.
They will be closed by the summer.
Guarantee it.


This corner should be a french bakery. plain and simple. get it done, you all know nobody knows sunnyside better than I do.

Don Keedik

Instead of a bike lane on Greenpoint Ave. how about fixing the crumbling sidewalks along Greenpoint, specifically the corner/crosswalk outside of Lenny’s. It is ALWAYS flooded which means it is ice during the winter months. It is a serious accident waiting to happen. Jimmy???


I live across the street from Lenny’s. That corner is a NIGHTMARE. Yes, it always floods. This winter, with all the snow piled up, the water had nowhere to go and it flooded so badly, everyone was having to walk in the street to get around it, thus many times almost getting hit by the cars driving by. I saw more than one person fall in the mini-lake that was created.

I wrote to JVB about it, and never got a reply. It is a serious source of danger that needs to be addressed.

Hoof Hearted

You have to wonder how many people avoided Lenny’s this winter just because they didn’t want to deal with that huge slush pond on the corner.

If I were the new owner, I’d hound the city to fix it before next winter. I’m sure it’s a hindrance to all the businesses on that block. Sounds like a worthy cause for the Sunnyside Shines people to get behind.

I'm not a robot

We’ve got 2 that kick ass!

Arsi’s on 47th ave and 40th st

Nita’s on greenpoint and 40th st

shamus o'guinness

you got two italians making A+ brick oven slices next door! Who in their right mind would entertain this stupid idea? unless you go the 99 cent slice route.


It will never sell for anything near that price. They will be lucky to get $150,000, even with an existing long term (10-15yr) lease with below market rents. And if they fall behind in rent, they may get nothing if the landlord wins an eviction or reclaims the property through contractual terms (good-guy or termination clause, etc). Hopefully that doesn’t happen to the shop owners, but listing your restaurant for sale has never helped improve sales.

Hoof Hearted

The original owners were great but they sold the place shortly after they opened.

I went back when the current owners came in but was totally ignored standing there waiting to order as the guy behind the counter was too busy flirting and chatting with some trampy-looking high school girls behind me. I got pissed off and walked out, never to return.

Marabella’s service isn’t spectacular either but Lenny’s was simply terrible.


I meant that you went in there once and had to wait a few minutes while the guy behind the counter flirted with some young ladies. While I can see that as being slightly aggravating (oh yeah, they were trampy-looking,) it’s a huge leap to say that means they always give poor service and you will NEVER go back there. So judgemental and way too sensitive. Lighten up, pal.


I forgot the ask, what’s the deal with a range in pricing? Is it without and with equipment? Do they have $250k worth of equipment there?


What we need in this place is a nice decent actual restaurant, not another bar, pub, “sports” place. Pollo place on 46th does very well, we need places like those. I wish the place could survive but it’s tough to sell that much pizza and pay the rent of this huge corner storefront. The owner is a nice and honest person and he kept the place in very good shape, it’s a shame he is leaving.

Boyd Rice

This place started off strong but has declined over the years in my opinion. New ownership may just be the kick in the pants they need to get back on track.


Absolutely. When Lenny you know… from LENNY’S owned it it was pretty darn good. These current owners not so much.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I think their food/wings are actually pretty good. Their pizza? Not so much.


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