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Last Aspect Of Noonan Playground Revamp To Finish In Feb 2016


Nov. 12, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

The final phase in the overhaul of Thomas P. Noonan Playground is expected to be completed by February 2016, according to the Parks Department.

The basketball and handball courts at Noonan Playground, located at Greenpoint Avenue and 42nd Street, are currently being refurbished and are the final component of the park’s current revamp.

According to a Parks spokesperson, the basketball court will receive new asphalt pavement and color seal, and the backstops along 42nd Street have been relocated to an interior fence. The handball court will receive new concrete pavement.

The drainage system will also be cleaned out.

This refurbishing will finish out the playground revamp that kicked off in April 2014 and included new play areas, extended green space and an upgraded rainbow sprinkler system.

The entire revamp cost $2.2 million, according to the Parks Department. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer allocated $2 million of city funds toward the project, with the mayor putting in the rest.

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Please refer to the playground in the above mentioned article. It is the L/Cpl Thomas P. Noonan Jr. playground. He was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from the Vietnam War. He is full title should always be used, especially on Veteran’s Day.

Sunnyside Rising

Now that this part of the park is getting cleaned up can we now do something to remove the drunks that are always by the chess/checkers tables? They sit there all day and night, drink and do whatever else to include peeing anywhere and everywhere in bushes. All this being right by the entrance to the children’s playground. Clean this area up and kick these bums out!


This latest work started without advance notice to the surrounding area on the afternoon of Veterans’ Day, a national holiday. The deafening noise of jackhammers was an insult to all of us observing a national day of mourning for those who died defending their country in wartime..And I assume that the laborers were paid extra by the City Parks Department for working on a holiday?

Labor's Love's Lost

The laborers probably don’t get the day off. Like at a lot of companies, the worker loses a paid holiday.

Labor's Love's Lost

Those workers are not “illegals.” Contractors who work for the city do not employ “illegals.” I see you just wanted another chance to spout idiocy.


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