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Large Police Presence in Sunnyside, Response to Burglaries

Photo: QueensPost

Dec. 31, 2013 By Christian Murray

The police have stepped up their presence in Sunnyside in the past couple of days in response to a number of break-ins.

“We have deployed additional resources in response to several residential burglaries which have occurred in Sunnyside,” said Captain Brian Hennessy, commander of the 108 precinct.

The majority of the break ins, Hennessy said, have occurred between 40th Street and 50th Street—on the north side of Queens Blvd. The thieves have gained entry, for the most part, via fire escape windows.

Two police officers, who were located at 41st Street and Skillman Avenue, said that there were between 12 and 14 patrol cars in the neighborhood Tuesday morning. They said that officers from all over Queens had been assigned to Sunnyside.

Hennessy, who was at home with his family today, was unable to say how many incidents there have been.

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How about it was the “holidays”. Season for thieves to take advantage of the fact that people go away for the holidays. Police can’t be everywhere at all time. damn if they do and damn if they dont. Sounds like few posters are bitching at the fact that cops are patrolling…


I saw a cop car driving down my street yesterday and two cops walking on it today. It goes from the wild west to a fascist police state overnight!


People need to remember that no matter what neighborhood you live in, to lock your doors and especially windows. Unlocked windows are usually the entry point to these types of burglaries. I unfortunately fell to this same mistake years ago and didn’t lock my window after removing the AC for the winter. Dont just close it but remember to lock it.


Wasn’t there a big announcement by our council representative several months ago about monies secured for placement of surveillance cameras in the neighborhood? Whatever happened with this project?


Helios asked above, nobody seems to know anything or they are in their own business of one-on-one yapping.
Does anyone know if these people broke in or just happened to find unlocked windows and slipped in? There is a difference between people letting themselves in vs making an effort and trying to break in.

If we know how they got it, we can better protect ourselves, surely the steel bars on our windows is the last thing I would like to see, especially since we cannot get them on fire escapes.

I sure hope this site follow up an gets us more information.
Also, I don’t understand why aren’t there any public NYPD cameras like they have everywhere in other neighborhoods, I don’t mean to smother us in cameras, but at least some of the hot spots should get these cameras.

zone drone

The question is how effective will the increased presence be in reducing/stopping burglaries? I saw a noticable increase in patrol cars today and wondered what had happened. I wondered if I was the perpetrator of any crime, would I be steering clear, laying low, etc.? Maybe it helps.

House of O'Shea

Do scarecrows work ?
So do cops sitting in their cars.
Even if they happen to be eating eggnog doughnuts…

Jenny from the block

Ahhhh so that’s what gives…while walking my dogs (3 block radius) I saw 4 squad cars…for burglaries…

Hey any update on the Lou Rispoli assault/murder case?
right. didn’t think so.

Cheese it. The cops!

Just want you to know I broke this story. Here’s my post form a previous story:

Anyone notice the deployment of police in our ‘hood yesterday? There were 2 police cars on Skillman and one on 46th St. There were cops walking the beat. I talked to one and he said they will be here for the next few days. He mentioned break-ins as a reason. Seems every 5 or 6 years Sunnyside gets this treatment. Then they leave…

Pulitzer anyone?

Oldchool Sunnysider

Pat! Thank you for post. That worked before, but now the cops are distributed where there is more crime. The 108th is a cherry pick for thieves as its a traditional “low crime” precinct. There just is not manpower to cover the entire 108th adequately these days. When there is a car full of potsmokers outside your house, you call 911…they say “its not an emergency” and hang up. You call the 108th, and wait ten-twenty minutes for someone to pick up the phone, they say “call 911” and hang up. But they are REALLY, REALLY good at handing out tickets all up and down Q’Blvd from 48th to Van Dam for “changing lanes without signaling” and “cellphone use” even though they NEVER signal ANY lane changes or turns and the cruiser driver is almost always on their cellphone.


Someone loudly knocked on the entry door at 3am yesterday. Almost called the precinct, but couldn’t see who it was.


We did have such a program, called BLOCKWATCHERS
…It consisted of people who lived on the block and pretty much
knew who lived there .. A quick call to the precinct would bring
a policeman/police car
to check out something or someone strange on the “block”

These were responsible people and worked hand in hand with’the precinct.


We need to start an Official Neighborhood Watch Program like they have in England, and perhaps America?
I think people need to Stop blaming cops.. They can’t be everywhere all of the time!!
People can do more to protect themselves from Burglary, at least I hope there is more that we can do..besides owning Pitbulls! 🙂
I know Fire Escapes is a Pain, your windows should be locked if you leave your Apartment, if the windows are beside a Fire Escape.
I wish we could catch a few of these guys, I wonder if it’s the same people doing it over and over??
I agree, More Info needed please..

Jacob Fink

“Educate Yourself”…let me guess..hipster renting a cave in Sunnyside?..Here less then 5 years?

Oldchool Sunnysider

In their infinite zeal to actually do their job…the newbie cops have blitzed the neighborhood with tickets, arrested several people who were simply waiting for a friend and not “trespassing” plus there were a few “stop and frisks” for good measure. Hassling the community when they complain about crime is not “good policing”. How about actually catching some bad guys instead of generating numbers for the brass? Just bringing in cops from other areas is not going to get the job done. Its not fair to them and its fair to the citizens who are all looked at with suspicion by the cops who are unfamiliar with Sunnyside. I was glad to see a few beat cops walking around. This should be the norm, not just having them sit in cars, waiting for a call.

Educate yourself

JOR you’re an idiot. Under the new “regime” things will go the way they were intended to. No where in the constitution (the law of the land that all other laws are derived from) does it state police officers have the right to stop and frisk anyone. The US Supreme Court after hearing; Terry vs. Ohio established that reasonable suspicion of IMMINENT DANGER to the officer and general public allows for stop and frisk. So unless there is a reasonable suspicion of imminent danger to the officer or general public id appreciate it if people kept their hands to themselves. Can’t wait for De Blasio to take control! Woo hoo!!


Couple of pitbulls and no worries. Been living in sunnyside 21 years. Never lock my door when the dogs are home.


Under the new regime, police officers can only sit and wait to catch a bad guy in the actual act of committing a crime since established investigatory techniques have been made illegal.

Michael Kilpatrick

Please give us a police precinct in the old billiard hall and gym space. This neighborhood needs it!!


Were the fire escape windows locked? Did they enter from ground or roof? List the address of break-ins. More info.


Hopefully some of these buildings get doormen or at least night security.

At least the police are responding to the needs of the area. Kudos.


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