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Large Chinese restaurant on 48th Street temporarily closed by Health Dept.

April 27, 2017 Staff Report

A large Chinese restaurant located on the border of Sunnyside and Long Island City has been temporarily shut down by the Health Department.

New Grand Buffet, a spacious sit-down Chinese restaurant located at 34-45 48th Street, was shut down on Monday for racking up 63 violation points during a standard health inspection. As of Thursday, the restaurant was still closed.

According to the Department of Health website, there were several critical and non-critical violations that led to the closure of the restaurant.

The critical violations included storing hot food below the required temperature and cold food above the required temperature, presence of live mice and flies in the facility, and preparing food in a contaminated area.

The Health Department gives out violation points based on the size and scale of each violation. Letter grades are then assigned to restaurants based on the points system. Any restaurant that receives between zero and 13 points receives an A grade, any receiving between 14 and 27 points gets a B grade, and any with 28 or more points gets a C grade.

If certain violations are considered especially problematic, the Health Department can shut down the restaurant. Once a restaurant is shut down by the Health Department, it will be re-inspected once per month until it scores below 28 points, or the Department will close it for serious and persistent violations.

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When you use the new card, you will save three percent off the price. This will save you about fifty cents. With that kind of bargain, the line will wrap around to Old Navy. You will not be able to get a table.


It has been reopened again. I have gone their before many times. But after finding out, no way in hell will I go back….

Bo Bice

They need to get this place and all the poor people it attracts outta this neighborhood…


Ate there because my boyfriend took me. A couple of minutes into eating, all of a sudden I see him spit out his food. To my shock, I look down at his plate to see a cockroach floating around in the sauce of his sesame chicken. I was appalled and we immediately asked a waiter to take a look. He then apologized and told us we didn’t have to pay for anything. (Duh)…as we were leaving we get harassed by the bitter asshole in the front desk, telling us we can’t leave. I began causing a scene and I made sure I let everyone know what was in the food! I was disgusted and I’m glad this disgusting buffet is finally shut down! I have no clue how they managed to stay in business this long. The plates of food where rather cheap, now I have a clear understanding why. Goodbye shitty buffet!

Oil, Beef, Hooked

Went here with my grandson and had chicken, rice, pasta noodles, pork, potato, and free soda refills.


This place is a food addicts paradise. I only wish they had bigger plates, bowls, and utensils. With so many food trucks popping up why cant they deliver the buffet to your front door and that way they do not have to clean much and save money on soap and water.


Many places need to close in Sunnyside but this one was probably one of the worse if not the worse. I really surprised how a place like this exist in Sunnyside. Who goes there? That place it’s a sure food poisoning if you are lucky. Why can Sunnyside have something good? It does not attract good restaurant for some reason.


if people are willing to eat crap and the place makes money..they will stick around. Demand and supply. However, i think in many cases it has more to do with “pricing” than than how the food tastes or how these places run. If it was not for the health dept. these places would not change and be a lot worse especially if there are enough people who support them financially by dining there. Do not forget this area is very close to Public housing and the shopping area attracts many other people from other neighborhoods.


The profile picture of the “manager” that replies to those Yelp comments is a stock photo of a white guy in a suit.

you dont have to post any thought that comes into ur head

i also like to eat at many different restaurants

george kelly


No way

Anybody who eats Chinese food around here is at risk. The menus look nice so people order, but if you take the time to drive by and see what the store looks like, that would be enough to get you sick

george KELLY

Does it really FRIGGING matter if I type all CAPS…LOUD NOUSES sounds like a two year old,get an education,Please…YOU argue OR make fun of an individual for a type set on a phonetyping all CAPS??????And Soldiers FOUGHT for your right to complain,but man,grow the F up…THANKS MY PETTY LITTLE NONSENSICAL HATE MONGERING MANWOMAN….Do I TYOE with Caps, who really gives a shit what I do… Caps?????IDIOT..small type


They should shut the place down forever those people will always do injustices to food they cook with no regard for the health of the public!!!

John Batista

Please, try to gain some class and elegance. It will benefit you and those who love you will be pleased. Also improve your vocabulary.

My best to you,

John Batista

Richie V

Come on people

At those prices, what do you
expect ?

… and what’s with the deragotory
comments about the patrons

What makes you so Special ?Richie

Fan of Dough boy park

The reviews on Yelp are quite comical , how anyone goes there is crazy . Somehow the manager ” Jason Z” finds time to answer everyone. Sounds like a tourist trap almost

joanna aviles

about 5 years ago I went there with the family and friends .One of my friends found a cockroach in the Lon mey, and the manager try to convince us that it was a shrimp I got so upset..I should it sue them.

Creatineis Asteroid

I remember going there 10 years ago with my friends. I was chewing one of their beef dishes, and all of a sudden I felt a sharp stab below my tongue. I couldn’t eat anything because of the pain, and few hours later my lower jaw became swollen.

I probably should have done something about it, but I was only a teenager at the time. The only buffets I go to now are Mizumi and Ichiumi. A lot more expensive, but at least the quality is a lot better and cleaner.


Why is Sunnyside Post changing my name from “Sunnyside Post publishes hate” to Anonymous?

You have to approve these comments.


Last time I ate here in 2015 I had food poisoning that lasted me about 2 weeks. Vowed to myself I’d never eat at a buffet again. I’m glad they shut it down.

Am deMedinaceli

I once found something in my food that looked suspiciously like the leg of a water bug. I mentioned it to a staff member who assured me it was “from the shrimp”. Oddly enough I wasn’t eating any shrimp dishes. Needless to say, I have never eaten there again.


I prefer fully cooked chicken instead of only half fried.

What are the hours for the food buffet?

george kelly

Anny open buffet to me should be shut down..Did everyone forget about airborne disease S…I’m NIT at all JUDGING the Buffet Joints per se,but LETS ALL think about safety,contamination of food,whether by human hand or cross contamination, some purposefully sabotaging food for nafarious reasons,and what the hell do you think the LEFT overs go,back in a substandard refrigerators or five gallon plastic buckets …echhhhhh….CHINESSE ,POLISH,IRISH,GERMAN…GET RID OF BUFFETS…THEY ARE AN E COLI TIME BOMB..LET ALONE ECOLIS FRIEND SALMONELLA, AND CHOLERA AND HEPATITIS A..AB..C…..DEADLY LONG TERM HARD TO NOTICE DISEASES..THANK GOD FOR BLOOMBERG S LETTER SYSTEM..NOT DI BLASIO..BUT MIKEY BLOOMBERGS HEALTH DEPT….EWWWWW….


Not surprised, never been in there, but judging by the mouth-breathers I see coming and going — something is up in there.


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