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Jimmy Van Bramer Strong Supporter of Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Office of Jimmy Van Bramer

Nov. 17, 2011 Staff Report

Statement from: Council Members Jimmy Van Bramer, Gale Brewer, Daniel Dromm, Letitia James, Brad Lander, Steve Levin, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Rosie Mendez, Annabel Palma, Deborah Rose, James Sanders, Jumaane Williams on the Eviction of Occupy Wall Street

“We, the undersigned members of the New York City Council, are dismayed by the late night eviction of the occupation of Wall Street [on Tuesday]. We condemn the… violation of the First Amendment rights of the protesters. It is shameful to use the cover of darkness to trample on civil liberties without fear of media scrutiny or a public response. We are proud to be a part of the movement for economic and social justice and shared sacrifice sparked by Occupy Wall Street. We commend Council Members Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams, who demonstrated their solidarity by standing with protesters at Zuccotti Park last night. In the aftermath of the eviction, we reiterate our support and look toward the future.

We know that the fight is far from over, and that last night’s events will only fuel the fire for change. We will march to hold the banks accountable and call for a fairer economy on Nov. 17 and beyond.”

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Erin, how do you feel about the rapes and molestations in addition to the communicable diseases that were going on at Zuccotti? I think that that is way past “inconvenience”. And what did you think of the anti-Semitic rants? The threats to the people who were brave enough to stay in the area after 9/11? Do you think that that is “inconvenient”? I think that it is criminal! I blame Bloomberg for not manning up two months ago to kick these hoodlums out. You do not have the right to drum in the street and disturb the peace. You also do not have the right to “occupy” a park.

John K. Wilson

You write “of the need for balanced political system of governance”; and, you indicate that “taxation without representation” is a subject of great importance to you. Presumably. you’re against it.
Are we “balanced” here in western Queens, where liberal Working Family Party servants run the table? In the local political status quo, Van Brammer, Nolan, Genaris, et al…are in power because of public sector union money. These politicos’ first consideration is to their money/power source…NOT to you, or, us. Isn’t THAT “taxation without representation”?
NY has the highest taxed population in the nation. A huge percentage of our taxes pay for public sector union salaries, which are, on average, HIGHER than their private sector counterparts (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, a government agency: scroll down to “Earnings”), to say nothing of their greater job security, and higher, ironclad pensions. In other words, Erin, if you’re not in a public sector union, YOU are paying for others to have a greater, and more secure, lifestyle than you, yourself, enjoy. Is that “economic justice”? Isn’t that what Democrats are supposed to be against? In the world you live in, where “Tax the Rich!” and class warfare seem like good ideas, is there an exception for public sector union “greed”? And the public sector pensions will, sooner rather than later, destroy this state. Out of the chaos thus created, the WFP/Socialists will attempt to fill the void, and that isn’t going to be pretty. You ready for that? That’s OK with you? (Incidentally, can you please explain to me how tearing down “the Rich” (the job creators) lifts anyone up?
This situation is not only made possible by the people (listed above) you vote for, it is the system they created to keep themselves in power while they rail on about how they want to “help people”. You seemed to have swallowed their goo…which you have puked out in the post above. You and T. Weinhof (with whom the politburo must be very pleased) speak of those who “regurgitate” what you consider cliches. We have facts on our side Erin; you have emotion on yours.
You may, or may not, know who Saul Alinsky is; but, his RULES FOR RADICALS explains your attitude very well. You should read it so that you can understand how the people you vote for are playing you like a guitar…and you not only let them…you’re aiding them.
All this, and I never even brought up the anti-Semitism of the OWS “movement” you and “Councilman Jimmy” have conveniently ignored.


You know Americans have really forgotten their roots – and the purpose of Democracy – when people complain about the “inconvenience” and “expense” of people exercising their First Amendment Rights more than they do taxation without representation. We are, essentially, being taxed to pay for a government that does not respond to the average Americans’ needs or desires.

Back in the day, when we had a country full of people with guts, backbones and a deep understanding (rather than just a regurgitation of political soundbites) of the need for a balanced political system of governance, we had a REVOLUTION on this same basis.

Van Bramer is an incredible councilman who does a lot for this neighborhood. He’s also liberal and, yeah maybe a little radical. He’ll get my vote every single time. Wake up Sunnyside and Woodside… you ARE the 99%.


Jimmy is a far radical whose claim to fame is tht he was supported by the Working Families Party which is for people who do not actually work for a living. He also trades off his personal life (about which I incidentally do not give a fig) nad is into identity politics. The OWS crowd cost the city millions of dollars in overtime while crime went up in the 108th. They are filled with anti-Semites and traffic in class envy. I was at a marine graduation a couple of days ago. I look at those wonderful women and men in uniform and I look at the phonies at Zuccotti Park and I feel ILL. I would like to send them – and Jimmy Van B. – to boot camp. I will bet that the drill instructors (whom I met) would have them in tears within 24 hours. I remember when the TEA party protestors were called all kinds of names. While I personally like Jimmy, he is FULL OF IT.


Schools are losing funds, state college costs are going up, yet the wealthy have had their taxes cut. There is something wrong here. I support the goals of OWS and i like it that our councilman does too.


I’m not done yet — Another thing about this OWS, one person was quoted as saying about Thursday’s “protest” was that they were trying to make an impact and they wanted to delay the stock exchange bell and delay people getting to work. What??? delay people from getting to work — people need their jobs with this economy etc. and they want people delayed getting to work — the logic escapes me. They’re not helping anybody just causing a big mess — this whole this is a disgrace.


Jay – I don’t think its fair for us (meaning the working middle class) to pay for welfare and such. I actually think we should cut many of those benefits. Which is why the top 1% should pay their fair share and the burden would ease on us.


the ows people are preventing the busineses in the area from thriving.

What would brammer and his buddies do I we blocked and area in our town and prevented the people that lived in the park area from living their normal livews and stores from dong buisness.

The only reason the mayor stopped it was becusae he was losing control of a situatiom that should have been stopped a long time ago.

For a city so tight with funds that we cannot affort teachers and other services, we just laid off school aides . Yet we have plenty of money for ot for our police.

We all have rights, but sometimes enought is enough.


Couldn’t agree with Jay more — he is absolutely correct. Further, these council people who are supporters of OWS will NEVER get my vote!


I think we all drank the Kool-Aid when we voted for Obama!! @Angray – All I know is that my parents did not have a dime when they were young, then they got the opportunity to come to this great nation. They worked 2 jobs each to send my brother and I to college. They have become very successful by working hard. Let me as you something – Is it fair that I pay so much taxes for people who are on welfare, EBT, WIC? Is that fair? oh and of course all of this overtime for the NYPD, thanks to OWC!!!


@Jay – Someone has been drinking the Kool-Aid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Capitalism. Work hard and reap the benefits. However, you think its fair for the top 1% and big corporations to pay less taxes comparatively to you and I? That just widens the gap between us 99% and the top 1%.


Well said, Jay. I love my life, too, and try not to be envious of those who have more than I do. Makes you bitter, angry and in the long run, not too nice a person.

Clearly evidenced here by T. Weinhof who is calling someone who doesn’t share his views an “idiot”. Such anger and hostility….I thought OWS and it’s supporters were supposed to be a peaceful, fun loving bunch.


All I know is that this movement is costing the city a lot of money!! And who is going to pay for this? We are the 99%. What are we complaining about? Corporations? Rich people? Let’s realize that these people where not just born into $$$$$$, they worked their a$$ off. Why don’t we protest the people on welfare? EBT? Food Stamps? That is what we should be protesting!!!! I am part of the 99% and Love it! America is the land of Free. So if we are tired of been “poor”, work you a$$ off and make money, go to school get an education!!!

Lets just not wait for the government to spread the wealth!!!


Not true, most recent polls show 33% in favor, 45% opposed. The highest poll numbers in favor ever was 36%. How is that the majority in favor? If you google polls about occupy wall street you will see these numbers over and over.


if ows has the suport of the majority how come there is only a few hundred out protesting,i seen there was a lot more today but that was a lot lot of union people from seiu who are gearing up for a strike.a few hundred from a city with eight millon…nowwhere close to 99%


OWS has the support of the majority of people. Every opinion poll show this. Their grievances are serious and real – big bailouts of banks with tax payer money, but no unemployment insurance extension; people desperate for jobs but there are none; cutbacks in public services, but no tax increase for the fantastically rich. Income inequality is the biggest in the US for 50 years. There is a lot to protest about, including the attempt by Bloomberg to stifle peaceful demonstrations.

T. Weinhof

@ Roxy:

Another reason to vote for Jimmy if he intends to run for re-election. Get your head around the fact that his and Occupy Wall Street’s positions are the mainstream in this country, and YOU are in the minority. You only make yourself look like an idiot when you defend billionaires over your peers and neighbors just because you’ve swallowed and now need to regurgitate tired and obsolete conservative propaganda. Unless you’re happy being a stooge for the rich, in which case, I suppose you’re to be pitied.

Just Looking

PEaceful protest beats the heck out of armed insurrection. When people can’t find a job, can’t afford a place to live and are cold and hungry they will do whatever they have to do to continue to live.

Peacefully protest now. Its the better choice.


We have 1st Amendment rights until the government takes it away by force. At least the occupiers were treated better than the WWI vets who formed the Bonus Army.

Melisa Pellot

It’s good to have elected officials who realize the seriousness of what’s at stake, who understand what these protests are about, and who are proudly standing on the right side of history. Jimmy, Danny, and the other signers: thank you for standing up and speaking out for economic justice.


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