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Japanese grocery store to open in Woodside

Taiyo Marketplace at 51-27 43rd Ave.

Sept. 19, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A new Japanese grocery store is coming to Woodside and is expected to open its doors on Saturday.

Taiyo Marketplace, located at 51-27 43rd Ave, will offer over 2,000 Japanese items including snacks, frozen foods, noodles, seasoning, and tofu, according to Toshiaki Takahashi, the manager of the site.

The 800-square-foot store, near the intersection of 43rd Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue and the 52nd St. station, is an addition to the Taiyo Foods near 44th St. and Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside. Both are owned by Hiroshi Hatazaki, who also owns Ariyoshi, the Japanese restaurant near 41st street and Queens Boulevard.

Takahashi says the new location came about after hearing from multiple customers of a desire for a Japanese market in Woodside. He also added that the fixture will be a welcome addition to the dark corridor under the 52nd St. station.

Taiyo Marketplace will also offer freshly prepared foods like bento bowls and sushi in the near future, according to Takahashi.

The store will open every day from 8 am to 10pm.

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Dorothy Morehead

Congratulations! I just picked up a teriyaki bowl at the 44th Street yesterday. Delicious dinner and only $650. Will definitely try the new place.


I love the Sunnyside Taiyo Foods, and am excited that Woodside gets one too! Congratulations to the owner.


Oh yes. I will check it out soon to buy my favorite Takoyaki and stuff.I had to go to 59 St in Manhattan to buy them,now its closer to my Woodside home.Hope they carry more unique Japanese groceries than others.


This is good news for the business and the neighborhood! I often stop at the one on 44th street for their Sesame Ginger dressings, and usually leave with one or two Onigiri (basically sushi riceballs), which are addictive. Congratulations!

Baba Booey likes the Ms Crabtree Roll

Baba Booey buys his food here. He also recommended Fafa Fooey, who in turn recommended Tata Tooey. They all like the “Ms Crabtree roll” with eel sauce on the side. …it’s very fishy !

Ms. Crabtree is from Vermont not NY

Ms Crabsnatch is suing this establishment for using her name on a special sushi roll without her getting free food. She is also checking spelling and grammar on their menu. She won the Ben and Jerry’s spelling bee in Burlington Vermont in 1989.

TRUMP - Big fan of Taiyo on 43rd and QB!

Another business opening, more proof that the TRUMP ECONOMY IS ON FIRE!!!

Stock market on election day 17000… what is it now, 22,000??!! I can’t keep track. Unemplyment so low Im thinking of importing labor just to keep up w the need!

Toshaiki, you make me proud my friend!!
Good luck buddy! Love the place over on 43rd, where else can you buy an authentic Japanese MEIJI chocolate bar for under 2 bucks in this city!?
And Pockys, Barrons favorite!


Trump lover- their other store is on 44th street. There were store openings well before Trump took office in January as you could see just by reviewing this blogs ok articles. I guess you’re referring to DOW index when you say market, over 1/3 of the revenue for the companies that make up the DOW indices come from foreign sources


Trump- A pom pom wearing cheerleader. This Trump group just keep on getting dumber and more juvenile. The Trump economy already imports labor in the form of illegal aliens, the 2 million foreign national strong visa program (the visa program he said he would stop but expanded instead) and the one million people who applied for Social Security Disability in the last six moths. The Dow was already trending upward well before Trump came into office.


Excellent place …44th st. True story we had a fat cat really, so we tried one day to give her bonito flakes and the cat got addicted and lost 1/4 of her weight became healthy and very mobile.

Would drive at least once a month to sunrise market in the village on Sundays and buy a few bags in bulk. usually around $9…. But when the store opened on 44th st he had them and for $3 a bag less the manhattan…

The Real El loco

The previous El l is a fake. I never wished them success. However I do wish them success. Get a life fake El loco. Probably Al from SUNNYSIDE.


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