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Japanese Grocery Store to Open in Sunnyside Next Month

Photo: QueensPost

Oct. 30, 2013 By Christian Murray

A Japanese grocery store is opening on 44th Street, across the street from the Sunnyside Post Office.

The store, to be called Taiyo, will be located at 45-08 44th Street, and will offer Japanese items such as tofu, miso, rice, candy and cosmetics. There will also be a deli inside.

Taiyo is being launched by Hiroshi Hatasaki, who is the owner of Ariyoshi Japanese Restaurant located on Queens Blvd, and Toshiaki Takahashi.

Takahashi, who was renovating the store on Tuesday, said he expects it to open in November.

Taiyo will take the space that was last occupied by Queens Gyrotonic, which moved location in the middle of 2012 to 49th Street (43rd Avenue). The store has been vacant since.

Meanwhile, in other Sunnyside news, Nodus, the Thai restaurant located at 45-04 Queens Blvd, closed Monday, after being in business for a little over two years. It is for sale for $100,000.

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so bummed about Nodus!! it was my fave and they had dishes other thai places didn’t!
ugh! totally totally bummed!

South Side Johnny

On Greenpoint, northside, btwn 45 & 46th. You will see bonsaii trees and Hello Kitty in the window.


Longtime resident

” I hate it that they stuck up TVs in the dining room, but I really enjoy the food there now.”

OMG yes! I have no idea why they did that. And the ivy? It went from chic to blech in like 5 minutes.

That being said its still my fave Thai place. I hate that they are closing!


How the hell is Nodus going under?

It (and Dee) are the best Thai places in the area. I always order and eat from there and it usually has a ton of people!

South Side Johnny

I never realized there was a Japanese population in this area. I always wondered about that Japanese gift shop on Greenpoint- never see any customers inside.


I’m Irish but I love Japanese candy. Galbo chocolate biscuit sticks rock. Go to the Irish shops for Crunchies and Twirls, then to the Japanese for the aforementioned, your coffee break’s made.

Can’t wait for them to open. I LOVE living in Sunnyside.


@Longtime resident – Nodus was not exactly a financial loss for their owners, no. But apparently it was a lot of trouble for them to run. They told me they’d rather stick to the UPS business next door. These are the same nice people who used to own a video store (as in VHS tapes!) back in the day. They’ve morphed many times – they also had a photo shop, and then they became a DVD rental place, and now they’re a UPS store. Good hardworking people. I wish them all the luck in the world!!

Longtime resident

Holy cow, those last two sentences, which were composed for the Sunnyside Post, after being edited for well over 5 minutes. The first one is incomplete.

I’m sorry to hear the owners are selling Nodus. I hope it’s because they just want to get out of food, and not because it’s been a financial loss. I hate it that they stuck up TVs in the dining room, but I really enjoy the food there now.


One of the best Diet aids for a fat cat Bonito flakes big 100 gram bags….the cats love it, and its addictive


This is pretty good news, we always had a big Japanese population in our area, and they should really promote this store throughout queens not just in Sunnyside because when this is built, they will come.

Can’t wait to get the first tin can of Meiji. If they actually sell other regular stuff, and open late, it might actually do well. Hopefully Japanese products are enough to keep this place afloat.


This will be our first japanese grocery store and what a better place than across the street from the post office.. with a well travel block… best of luck to them… great job of resporting by our ” Sunnyside Post” web site… the fastest up to date news souce in our town… Horray for us….


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