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Italian Restaurant Opens on Greenpoint Ave.

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May 7, 2012 By Christian Murray

A fine Italian restaurant opened last week on Greenpoint Ave. in the space that was once occupied by Sunrise Restaurant & Grill.

Prima Sarabella Restaurant, located at 41-08 Greenpoint Ave.(between 41st and 42nd), offers a comprehensive menu, including: spaghetti alla bolognes ($8.50); chicken sorrentino ($13.50); grilled salmon dijon ($15.50) to grilled New Zealand lamb chops ($22.50).

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@o’shea, how’s that any different from beer and liquor?


Michelin. You are right with both posts! Amen to that! It’s a shame us locals don’t demand better. I bet all my money it will be grade pending soon. Those dishes were not impressive at all.

Michelin Man

I’m sorry to say, but this place will fail. Anyone looking at the way those dishes were plated can see they clearly have amateurs in the kitchen. It’s trying to imitate fine dining, which is a critical mistake. If the food is good, keep the presentation rustic. They’re confused…

Michelin Man

Sunrise was disgusting! And the service was horrible. How can you justify charging to substitute french fries for home fries?


This place is great I been there six times already spread the word word of mouth will make this business do great even on that poor strip of Greenpoint ave


PS. Speaking of Greenpoint Ave businesses, the Orchard Farmers Market which was reported on this site to be for sale a few months ago, has had some fantastic bargains on fruit and vegetables lately. They’re obviously trying to hang on so it might be worth dropping by. They got rid of the sushi bar and some of the other fancy stuff they originally opened up with.


All the best of luck to the owners. It certain takes a lot of courage to open a business on that particular stretch of Greenpoint Ave.

CJ – that’s a good idea. In order to do well there, the owner will need to come up with some creative promotional ideas to get the ball rolling.


I would love to encourage this restaurant to reach out to the local elementary, junior high, and high schools in the area. If you can promise a quick and delicious meal to the school staff, you would surely have a steady lunch crowd.

I am surprised how few businesses make offers like these to the schools.


Oh, I hope this place makes it. That storefront hasn’t had any longevity.


I am so glad there are new businesses opening up in the area. I prefer spending my money locally.


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