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Italian Restaurant on Queens Blvd About to Open, Beauty & Spa on Skillman Nears Completion

Photo: QueensPost

Aug. 1, 2013 By Christian Murray

An up-scale Italian restaurant will be opening within two weeks in the space that was occupied by the now-defunct Tapenade Bistro (44-07 on Queens Blvd).

The restaurant, which will be called Venturo, is going to offer Italian-inspired cuisine, using products from the local greenmarket.

“We hope to be open somewhere around August 7 through August 9,” said Giusepe Falco, one of the owners who was working on the Queens Blvd restaurant yesterday.

The restaurant will be owned and operated by three people who run restaurants together in Astoria.

The owners—Giusepe Falco, Leonard Sacco and Michelle Vido—will model the Queens Blvd. restaurant after “Vesta trattoria and wine bar”, a restaurant the they own located at 21-02 30th Avenue.

The owners also have a restaurant called “Pachanga Patterson”, which offers Mexican-styled cuisine. It is located at 33-17 31st Avenue.

Meanwhile, Beauty & Balance, located at 46-04 Skillman Avenue, is also likely to open soon. While the owner couldn’t be contacted, its awning has gone up and it has been revamped inside. This was the former location of the Romanian Garden.

Photo: QueensPost

Interior (Photo: QueensPost)

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Michelle Vido is part owner and also the chef to all three restaurants. I am a former employee of Pachanga Patterson and I must say this Michelle and the boys have a passion for what they do. Michelle is a wonderful chef. She lives food and creativity. Wish them the best.


well as long as we are Wishing for different types of restaurants — I want a kosher deli where I can get a decent pastrami or corned beef sandwich! When i moved here years ago there were 2!


can’t wait for a decent Italian restaurant to open up in the neighborhood….i hear their restaurant in Astoria is pretty good…..we’ll see.

Alex Harding

Is it me or do a group of people who run several restaurants seem not ‘serious’ about cuisine? Salt + Fat brought a passionate young chef with a vision and is doing well. If someone is doing ‘Mexican styled’ restaurant and other variances on Italian, I don’t see a clear vision, just a profit motive. Which I guess is ok, but there are enough real foodies nearby who would appreciate the level of Torrisi and Carbone — will hold my final opiniin after a few visits. Maybe they will surprise with a great chef. Sunnyside already had many mediocre restaurants.


Still don’t get why presumably adults get off on mocking someone less fortunate than themselves on a neighborhood news site. Does it make you feel good to mock this man?


Sunnyside Native. Signed by him and “everything” does that mean he leaves his patented skid mark on the picture as well? Ewwwwww.


Takesushi is like Ariyoshi or Oki… Japanese restaurants.
Seafood as in a raw bar, Mediterranean style grilled seafood, etc.

Sunnyside Native

Ruben – you are too funny! Would you like a framed picture of the Chaaange bum for your birthday? Signed by him and everything. Let me know. 🙂


Sunnyside needs restaurants like they need the change bum.

You need an Italian DELI, quick cooked food like Butcher Block. You also need some kinda Buffet place like the city has, for quick lunches that people can grab on their way to the city.

Why the hell do you want restaurants? Go to the city for restaurants, you need things for the neighborhood!

43rd & 43rd

Takesushi doesn’t count as a seafood place? Hell, there’s that fish market around 45th on QB for anyone brave enough to DIY.

Vesta sounds good. Their Sunnyside Greenmarket plans are going to go out the window for 3 seasons of the year, though.

John Doe

can’t wait for the nail salon to open!!! it’s Sunnyside’s first nail salon ever, the neighborhood is really moving up fast!!!!

Starvin' Marvin

We need more restaurants in Sunnyside ASAP!! There is nowhere to eat! Demand more restaurants NOW or face the consequences: starvation!! Uprise, people! Speak your minds!

Conor Dunphy

Yeh, it’s a so-so look for this part of my town. I thinged it (read: googled) and it just said: “With their combined passion for Italian food and the Astoria neighborhood, Leo Sacco and Giuseppe Falco decided to open Vesta Trattoria and Winebar – a neighborhood restaurant offering simple and Italian-inspired favorites guided by the local greenmarket.

They are committed to the Astoria neighborhood; the childhood friends grew up in the area and continue to call it home. Now an extension of their own homes, Vesta Trattoria and Winebar, is dedicated to serving the local community.
They called upon the local community to bring Vesta to life:

Artwork by:
Local Artists

Bread is baked fresh daily by Gianpiero Bakery.

Woodwork interior and flooring, as well as upholstery, has been crafted
by Osorno Upholstery Classic Furniture.

Giuseppe and Leo have partnered with Michelle Vido, another Astoria resident, to lead Vesta’s kitchen. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Michelle has worked throughout New York City, in such famed restaurants as the River Café, AIX, Monkey Bar and, most recently, Little Giant.”

My favorite part is the hustle bustle before the presumably big night opening feast. Regardless of the value of the food, you have to ask:

-Local produce?
-Genetically Modified Organism Free?

Take a minute at the Euro laser-style city bench outside some day AND feel the anticipasta!

Carlos Danger's Evil Twin

Sunnyside Eater,

I stand corrected. It’s not as “upscale” as i had thought.

When is somebody going to open up an Indonesian restaurant nearby?

Sunnyside Girl

Yes-Vesta is not your traditional Italian restaurant but I’ve eaten there many times and it is all delicious! I have high hopes for this new restaurant!

Sunnyside Eater

Did the Evil Twin bother to check Vesta’s menu before posting. I think not.

–Lasagna 6 hour meat ragu (Sunday Dinner Style) $15

–Pappardelle, arugula, lemon, pine nuts, egg yolk, parmigiano $14

I’ve had the Lasagna … large enough to share and delicious!!

Can’t wait for this new addition that will continue the trend of Sunnyside as a dining destination.

Carlos Danger's Evil Twin

“Upscale” = 18 bucks for a plate of spaghetti that costs about 35 cents.


Yay! I’ve been waiting for a good Italian join to open up on Queens Blvd. If they dress it up right, this place could be another step toward a facelift for the community.


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