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Italian Bakery on Skillman Avenue Opens

Photo: QueensPost

Dec. 18. 2012 By Bill Parry

An Italian bakery opened earlier this month at 51-18 Skillman Ave., the former home of Olympica Bakery and Restaurant.

The new bakery, called Lety Bakery Cafe II, is the second store that owner Leticia Herera has established. She is selling cannolis, tiramisu, napoleons and Italian cheesecakes– all baked on the premises. Breakfast service starts at 6 am and there is plenty of seating.

Herera’s other bakery is in Jackson Heights—which has received rave reviews in the six years it has been open. Spurred on by her success, she decided to open another in Woodside. “I checked the town and it didn’t have an Italian bakery,” she said.

One block west of Herera’s new bakery is La Marjolaine (50-17 Skillman Ave,) the French bakery that has been in business for 62 years. La Marjolaine owner Krim Debeh is aware of Lety Bakery and said: “Competition is good for everyone, besides everyone has a different way of baking.”

Meanwhile, Herera, said, “They’re French, we’re Italian…It’s very different.”

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Sunnyside Native

We’ve been in here a handful of times now over the Holidays and I can attest that the cookies, cannoli, bread (baked off premises) and their cheesecake is fantastic! Our guests who we brought them to enjoyed them as well!


There’s an excellent Italian bakery on the north side of Roosevelt Avenue directly under the LIRR Woodside stop and the #7 61st Street Station.
If that’s not considered being in Woodside, what is?

Lucky Lu

Please tell me that they will sell freshly baked bread…I can’t find a decent loaf of bread in this godforsaken neighborhood. Everything La Marjolaine makes tastes the same and is overbaked. They will need to step up their game.

Craic Dealer

I’ve eaten here and its good! They have some pretty nice looking employees working there as well.


Their pecan pie is the most beautiful thing – they make it look like a big flower, with the nuts as petals. And it’s delicious too! 😛


It’s an “Italian” style bakery not an “Italian” owned bakery. I just hope the coffee is served in real cups …not the mouth wash size cups at Marjoliene “French” style bakery.


Tried the Jackson heights one, it’s hit or miss, bad coffee, was grade pending, no big deal, hope this one is different. And there is not another one in Woodside. Please prove me wrong, we need a good Italian bakery

Oppressed Masses

Great, now I can get a cannoli and some action on my favorite sports team on one location.


As a fellow Italian-American, I can’t express enough how happy I am to see this! Now all we need is an Italian deli 🙂


If I am not mistaken – Let’y in Woodside is owned by the fabulous baker from the bakery down on 2nd ave and 10th street – been to both and the one in Woodside and it is FABULOUS – FINALLY a real bakery!!!


I am so happy for Woodside that an Italian bakery has opened close by. I have traveled to Jackson Heights just to go to the first Lety bakery and have never been disappointed. All of their baked goods are fabulous! So happy they have joined this neighborhood. Good Luck Lety Bakery Cafe II!


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