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Flushing Resident Takes Over Bar on 47th Avenue, Aims to Serve Diverse Crowd

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June 30, 2012 By Christian Murray

In April, Rae Arora, a Flushing real estate developer, bought a failing Sunnyside bar/lounge with the aim of turning it around.

The business, called ‘Boulevard’ when he bought it, was a club that had a distinct Eastern European flavor to it. “The first week I opened, just four people came by,” Arora said.

The club, located on 47th Ave (btw. 39th Place and 40th Street), was renamed “Off the Boulevard.” “The name ‘Boulevard’ seemed strange to me, since we are not on Queens Blvd.”

Arora said that since he has taken over the bar, he has built a steady group of regulars. He said he offers a range of different activities, such as Monday night movies, salsa night on Tuesdays, with other evenings dedicated to wine and beer tastings, and even comedy. Most of the events are held in the large patio area in the back of the bar, which is viewed by many as the lounge’s best feature. The lounge also offers a full menu.

The club will soon be introducing a gay night. “We are an inclusive club, where both gay and straight people feel comfortable and are welcome. After all, Sunnyside has a diverse population.”

He is very optimistic about the bar’s location, believing that section of the neighborhood is on the rise. “Everyone talks about Skillman Avenue as the place, but I think this section of Sunnyside is the next hotspot. There is a lot of potential here.”

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One time visit - never again!

Went there to enjoy some beers, ordered the PBRs, $5 each! No joke! I think I’ll stay north of the boulevard, other bars actually have nice draught beers for that price. And can get 12 packs of PBR for $9! Felt taken advantage of and price gouged! Beware!

Long time resident

“Gay night” is about promotion and marketing, not “political correctness.” Honestly, anytime you hear anyone complain about “political correctness” run amok, you can be almost certain they’ve labeled something not at all about being PC as being PC.


He’ll do well. It sounds as though he has the right attitude and is trying to make it work. I’ll check it out.


A little early to compare that part of 47th ave to Skillman but good luck anyway.


I had planned to stop by the original Boulevard all the time but never got around to it! I actually walked by this “new” place on thursday night and it seemed to be doing quite well, and looked really nice. I took a menu, and it seemed quite well priced.

I’m def going to try to check it out this weekend!


I hear they have $2 PBR’s. That’s worth checking out and a good idea since so many people nowadays don’t have a lot of money to spend. I know of some bars in Manhattan that have $2 PBR’s and if they can manage to sell them at that price in the city, then a Queens bar should be able to as well. A no brainer really.


“Gay Night?”

Does that mean the other six nights are “straight nights”?

A classic example of politically-correct silliness. If the bar is welcoming and inclusive as the owner says, why not just welcome and include everybody on every night? Why do customers have to be segregated according to sexuality and certain nights?

What else does “gay night” include? ABBA and Liza on the jukebox all night? Half nude young men working the taps? Pink beer? La Cage Aux Folles on the wide screen TV’s?


“The club will soon introduce nights with guest bartenders, where gay men will serve liquor. ”

What does this sentence mean? It is so strangely phrased. Are they having a gay night? Or just hiring gay bartenders? If the latter, what an irrelevant thing to mention. If the former, what an awkward way to write that.

I’m glad this place is injecting some life into the neighborhood, I’m glad they’re aiming to be inclusive, and I’m glad SP is covering it, but this one part gave me pause.


“Off the Boulevard.”

Lousy name. “Off” is a negative word…

…Phew, this milk has gone off,


He’s off his rocker,

What a turn off…



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