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Indian/Pakistani Restaurant Opens on Greenpoint

Photo: QueensPost

Feb. 11, 2014 By Christian Murray

An Indian restaurant offering a wide selection of dishes opened at 42-02 Greenpoint Avenue on Sunday.

The restaurant, called BBQ Hut, serves Indian/ Pakistani and Bangladeshi food–and is owned by Mohmod Ali, who has lived in Sunnyside for the past five years. This is Ali’s first restaurant.

Ali, who is from Pakistan, said he opened the restaurant because he keeps hearing people in the neighborhood say there was a shortage of good Indian/Pakistani food. “Many people like Indian food,” he said. “People just keep saying it.”

The restaurant charges prices such as $7.00 for a curry chicken dish and $9.00 for chicken tikka masala (click for menu). Both dishes come with rice and salad. There is also an extensive vegetarian menu.

The restaurant does not serve alcohol.

Ali said the restaurant has space for about 30 diners. It also offers take out and free delivery.

The location was formerly occupied by a Thai restaurant, which went out of business.

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Nina Hartley

Mmmmmmmmmmmm the food is delicious and healthy which is good if you are trying to keep your girlish figure.

South Side Johnny

I think the bagel store on QB is fine- their product is much superior to the bagels you find in the supermarkets. I wish they had better bialys and that their “everything” bagels had more “everything” on them, but otherwise I think they have a quality product.


These are really nasty comments, most from folks that are too cheap to try anything. Is this Sunnyside or Angryside?

Tempus Fugit

Senior Citizen wrote: “If they fail its because YOU have not patronized them.”

Uhm, no, you’ve got it completely backwards.

It’s up to businesses to attract customers and provide a service or product people are willing to pay for. The general public do not owe them a living.


Sunnysider, it’s called an opinion, mommy and daddy didn’t teach you how to share one with the world around you?


SuperWittySmitty, thankfully I think the negative nancy’s that live on here are not a true representation of Sunnyside folk. I like this site, but reading through the comments on here is like digging through garbage trying to find something worthwhile. And to those of you that think you are being “witty” or “funny”, you’re not. Sorry for the reality check

If you don’t like Sunnyside, get out and stop whining about it. At the least you are not making it any better

Senior Citizen

Very sad to know there are so many negative people in this neighborbood. It’s already a tough economy and everyone is trying to make it however they can. If they fail its because YOU have not patronized them. You should go in sometime, try something from their Menu, and get to know them. You will be surprised to know they are very nice people. Dare you to try.


Well, as I recall, they did ask what sort of stores and businesses Suunyside needs. This cuisine is certainly welcome- hope the owners to no pick up on all the negativity in this community.

Plain Spoken

The People have spoken! They want nail salons, 99c stores, fast food joints, lottery delis, and bars.


They’ve been doing take out/delivery for probably 2 weeks now. I ordered from them and was surprised.. I really liked it! I hope they make the interior nicer, we need a nice sit down Indian/Pakastani spot.

However, they NEED to do a name change. Awful branding. If you were driving by or maybe saw that on Seamless, you would have no idea it was Indian/Pakistani.

germ mosion


wow sunnyside post ready does stay on top of the breaking news, yea right!! this is old news maybe 2 weeks old, I still do not get why people have the nerve to comment on ugly signage, if you care so much please feel free to go give these struggling business owners a hand by buying them something more appealing. if you know better you should do better. most businesses in sunnyside are owned by immigrants who are trying to make a better life for their family instead of looking for handouts from the government such as most of these sunnyside Christine quien supporters. if you are not on welfare you probably work for the public sector that is supported by the tax payers and small business owners. DONT BIT THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU figuratively and physically

lucus uses venmo? so what?!

i will ask again, can we throw out bums who can’t find ways to bring decent businesses to our neighborhood? Now we got 25 nail salons, a sea of 99 cent stores, ROBERTS sneaker store across from the other sneaker store — and the new Steve’s C-Town – yes, that is the name i saw on my cold cut bag.

Astoria is next store – they got real businesses that aren’t a freakin joke. I’m gettin tired of this….

When’s the new FroYo place opening?? Hopefully during the next major snowstorm!!


I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to resort to eating spicy dirty diapers, sunnysideposthatesme14.


I’ll bet dollars to donuts that sign was some sort of clearance special… Someone previously ordered it and never picked it up.

There, Their, They're

I had a look inside and it looked rather bare. Just some wooden tables, chairs and no decor at all as far as I could tell.

43rd & 43rd

I think they’re going for BBQ = tandoori? Kind of a stretch, since barbecue is all about low and slow, while a tandoori oven is screaming hot. But they are both outdoor cooking appliances, so . . .

Anyway, best of luck to them. I think there’s definitely a lack of affordable Indian food — the existing options are pricier. Hopefully these guys can fill that gap well. Jackson Heights is just too far 😉


BBQ HUT for Pakistani food HAHAHAHA, I know what happened. They couldn’t find any other signage so they just picked up the cheapest one they could find.

Indian food is like eating a spicy dirty diaper. Not even indian people like indian food. only hipsters….so It’ll do ok. Though there’s a much nicer indian food joint in 43rd ave (where all the hipsters go )

Celtic Bark

The name sounds misleading. Sounds like they serve Texas style ribs and steak.

A decent bagel shop would make a mint around here.


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