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ICE Arrests Undocumented Immigrants in Queens, Criticizes New York’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy

Jan. 31, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Members of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 75 undocumented immigrants across the five boroughs, Long Island and the Hudson Valley in the past week — including several living within Queens.

The agency announced the number of arrests while decrying New York City’s position as a sanctuary city. The NYPD does not turn over undocumented immigrants who have been arrested to ICE and the agency says this puts others in danger.

Of the 75 people arrested, 45 had been previously released from local law enforcement custody with an active detainer — or a request that the local agency detain an undocumented immigrant for additional time so that ICE agents can assume custody and potentially deport him or her.

ICE agents recently arrested individuals with active detainers in Astoria, Flushing, Forest Hills and Whitestone.

In Astoria, ICE arrested a 29-year-old Algerian national who was released from the Department of Corrections after being convicted of forcible touching.

In Flushing, ICE arrested a 52-year-old Colombian national who was released from NYPD custody and has a pending charge of rape and sexual abuse.

In Forest Hills, ICE arrested a 40-year-old Filipino national and former military service member, who was dishonorably discharged after being convicted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice of the attempted sexual assault of a child, attempted abuse of a child, and attempted receipt of child pornography.

In Whitestone, ICE arrested a 50-year-old Chilean nation who was convicted for grand larceny and was sentenced to five years of probation supervision.

“More than half of those arrested in the last week were released on an active detainer pursuant to dangerous sanctuary city laws,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations New York. “Time and time again these policies have proven to put politics above the safety of city residents.”

Decker also attacked the state’s recent bail reforms which ended pretrial detention and cash bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies.

“Between the reckless sanctuary city laws and the irresponsible Bail Reform Act, the lives and safety of the people of New York are in peril,” he said. “ICE ERO in New York continues to focus on criminal aliens, because the safety of the people in this city matters far more than popularity.”

ICE focuses enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to public safety and border security, however the agency no longer exempts categories of undocumented immigrants, such as those with no criminal records, from deportation.

Critics of ICE and the detainer system say it imprisons people without due process — as ICE issues detainers on people who have only been charged with a crime and it has even wrongly placed detainers on hundreds of U.S. citizens over the years.

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Nice rapists get set free while tax paying citizens get disrespected by our democrats. trump 2020

Trump failed to secure our borders

You voted for the president that pretended Mexico would make a “one-time party” for the wall; and you were gullible enough to believe him.

3 years later, with a Republican senate, not a single inch has been built?

Now THIS is the solution? It’s a shame Trump is so weak.


better trump than a insane democrat that will ruin my family more than obozo’s health insurance policy while taxing me into oblivion.

Trump failed to repeal Obamacare

What? You still have Obamacare. Not sure what that has to do with The Great Wall

El loco

Excellent job. They broke the law. Throw them out. The idea of a sanctuary city is garbage.

Marc torres

Good job.
I wish I was there to witness those arrest so I could have applauded the arresting officers and show my support.

AOC we need you

C’mon AOC et al- lets get out there and start screaming. We know you love criminals and support the crimes we commit. the hell with safe streets, who cares if innocent females are exposed to us sexual predators. ICE is just picking on us because of the color of our skin. its so unfair. All we want is to be able to take stuff that does not belong to us and attack vulnerable girls as we see fit. We want to hide behind every law that you and your Socialist/democrats implement. we are so grateful for your continuing support. When we non citizens get the right to vote we will definitely tick the box for you and of course cuomo. Thanks again AOC and now i have to run. We have organized a rally today against police brutality and whats with this subway thing? they want me to actually buy a some sort of card thing that i must swipe. Really, since i got to your country everything has been free and know i need $2.75 for a swipe? guess i’ll just mug someones granny for her wallet. She will be an old white lady that i bet got everything for free too. Bye


Deport all people here illegally so that our government can focus on processing the paperwork for people who want to come here LEGALLY. Chasing down lawbreakers takes resources away from granting visas and green cards to legitimate applicants.


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