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I.S. 125 Student Pepper Sprays Classroom

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April 13, 2011 Staff Report

A sixth-grade student at I.S. 125, which is located on the border of Sunnyside and Woodside, was taken into police custody last week after she doused a classroom with pepper spray.

Police said the 12 year old did not say why she sprayed the classroom. The girl’s action sent her 39-year-old teacher and two male students, ages 11 and 12, to Elmhurst Hospital Center.

The teacher and students were treated at Elmhurst for eye and throat irritation and released, sources said.

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Hey so this is the girl who pepper sprayed you guys, and it was by accident and I’m living happily so fuck your annoying comments


HI im a friend of the girl and stop criticizing her okay she didnt mean to do it this article is inaccurate she had it in her bag she didnt mean to spray it it dod that by itself. So before u judge her get ur facts straight. This article makes it seem like she intentionally sprayed them in their eyes. It was an accident.

Lucky Lu

I think this child should be held responsible for her actions – under the law age 12 is more than capable of understanding right from wrong and can be held liable for her actions. How about making her pay restitution to the victims and to the hospital for the cost of treating the victims? Hit her in the pocketbook young – she’ll learn quickly the consequences of her actions when every penny she earns goes to someone else and she can’t afford a social life.


I just heard that Dr. Liu’s office on Skillman, was broken into and robbed – it is near the pharmacy on Skillman that had also been robbed. Does anybody know if this is correct?


I do not believe a 12-year old should be held accountable for such an irrational act- what this child did is reprehensible but she is the product of poor parenting. (BTW, metal detectors are not a solution- they are a sign that we have given up.)


the problem today is that parents dont take the time to see what their children are doing. they leave the parenting to other people. when something happens with their child, the parent says how could this happen johnny or joanie is such a good kid.

Rocky Balboa

The irony is that I am so afraid that my own kids will be attacked that I almost want to get them pepper spray as a weapon!


Damn, I used to attend this middle school. This story is so ridiculous.
What would possess a child to even do that?
What worries me even more is how the pepper spray got into her hands; her guardians should have taken responsibility over the weapon and made sure to guard it. Kids would misuse it without a doubt, but this child took it to the next level.

I hope the school does not shrug off this incident and properly addresses their students about the dangers of things like this, not to mention counseling for this girl.


Sarah it must have been very scary for you and your fried to be sprayed with that stuff. Is your friend ok. How did that girl get the pepper spray in the school. Is their a metal detector when you enter the school . the whole class must have been alarmed. Sorry for your friend


Hey im a friend of the 12 year old girl with pepper spray..And i would like to say it was terrible


Do they have metal dectors in school to prevent these incedents from happening. Is their no longer respect for others in school.I guess anything goes in school today.


I guess we have to happy that she wasn’t spraying bullets. But seriously, it is terrible. And by the way: please don’t think that the parochial schools are much better – they are not. And their high school have some terrible students.


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