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‘I love Paraguay’ to Open Bayside Location


June 18, 2015 By Michael Florio

The owners of a popular Sunnyside restaurant will be opening their second location this summer.

The founders of I Love Paraguay, located at 43-16 Greenpoint Ave, are working on opening a restaurant with a similar menu and concept in Bayside.

The new restaurant will be called Savor Guarani and will be located on Bell Blvd, according to I Love Paraguay’s manager Fabricio Ojeda.

The restaurant is expected to open in September.

Ojeda, whose parents opened the Sunnyside eatery in 2008, said that the new restaurant will have a menu similar to I Love Paraguay—although the portions will be smaller. He said that the new establishment will be more of a café and bar than a strictly a restaurant.

The new establishment will have a full liquor license and will serve wine, beer and cocktails. The Sunnyside location only serves beer and wine.

Ojeda said his family decided to open in Bayside since many of the restaurant’s existing clients come from Long Island. Furthermore, it is close to Flushing where there is a large Paraguayan population.

I Love Paraguay offers traditional Paraguayan dishes such as Paraguayan cakes chipa guazu and chipa so’o.


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The Sunnyside “I Love Paraguay” had a very favorable review/article with three photographs in the Food Section of The New York Times on Wednesday (6/17).
When I passed the restaurant that afternoon, it looked busier and more crowded than I had ever seen it.

muffin man

Newman: “Paraguans are meticulous about their showers”
Jerry: “Not from the footage I’ve seen”


@muffin Man
From Seinfeldscripts
Serbs are fanatic about their showers.

Jerry: Not from the footage I’ve seen.
You’re not even close.


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