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Hospital Admissions for Coronavirus Patients in New York City Are Down: Mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio at City Hall today (Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

April 23, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Hospital admissions for coronavirus patients in New York City are continuing to go down, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today.

On Wednesday, the number of people admitted to New York City hospitals with coronavirus symptoms was 227, a marked decline from figures of two or three weeks ago. For instance, on March 31 there were 850 admissions for the virus.

Other indicators the city is using to track the spread have also decreased.

The daily number of COVID-19 patients in ICUs at the city’s 11 public hospitals continues to drop. Yesterday, there were 796 patients being treated for the virus in the intensive care units at public hospitals. On April 14, there were 887 people in ICUs for coronavirus.


The percentage of people tested for COVID-19 that have positive results has also gone down citywide to 33 percent. One week ago it was 47 percent.

Meanwhile, the percentage of people testing positive in public health labs was 57 percent, a decline from previous weeks.

De Blasio said the numbers indicate that social distancing measures are helping New York City fight the deadly virus.

He said New Yorkers must continue to stay at home and social distance — despite the progress.

“We can’t let the natural desire to go back to normal life interfere with our efforts to defeat the virus,” he said. “This is not a battle we can fight alone; the choices ordinary New Yorkers are making at every hour of each day hold the key to fighting COVID-19.”


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Please be careful with household cleaning products. Only mix bleach with water. Do not mix cleaning products. Inhaling or ingesting them can be poisonous.

Injecting Lysol is ok though right?

Trump told me to inject Lysol into myself. That’s what we should be doing right?

He’s the expert, I mean if he wasn’t doing his job the economy would be in the toilet right now.


Aleysha- Your post is absurd. You’re obsessed with Fox talking points. You must know a lot of people because it took tens of thousands of people to cripple the entire hospital systems of New York , New Jersey and Connecticut. You’re ridiculous.


Numbers down because… people prefeer to stay home and die at home?

If I were in that desperate situation, the last thing I’ll do is visit the Elmhurst Hospital.


Glad the numbers are down. Hopefully, hospitals will add Veterinarians so our pets can be tested and treated since there is the space. Local officials please get on this!


Many people are too scared to go to the hospital. The people that went weeks before to hospitals like Elmhurst were there because they wanted to be tested and were using it like a doctors office. I know many that went and claimed they could not breathe just to be tested, monitored, given tylonel and released after two weeks. Now those people are staying home for all the free things the city is giving out.

I'm glad you're against handouts

Luckily you didn’t vote for Trump, who’s literally giving everyone free money. Otherwise you’re post is ranting hypocrisy!


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