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Hookah Lounge Opens in Sunnyside

Photo: QueensPost

March 18, 2013 By Christian Murray

A Hookah Lounge opened at 39-11 Queens Blvd last Thursday and its manager touts it as a place where people of all backgrounds can gather and socialize.

The lounge, called Dragon Puffz, offers its patrons flavored tobacco from a communal hookah that is placed at each table. Such flavors include mango, peach, mint and pineapple.

The lounge also offers Egyptian and Moroccan teas, smoothies, coffee and soft drinks. It does not serve alcohol.

Hookah lounges have a long history in India, Pakistan and the Middle East. They are now starting to gain popularity among college students in many Western countries. Many of the new lounges, like Dragon Puffz, have modern elements such as glass tables, wifi and nightclub-like seating.

The manager, whose first name is Zeeshan, is from Pakistan and said the lounge was established near 39th Street since the street leads to Steinway Street where they are many Hookah lounges and parking is difficult.

Patrons must be 18 years of age to be allowed onto the premises.

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This is one of the best hookah lounges that I have been to! I’ve been smoking hookah for quite some time, and I must say I absolutely love it here. The vibe and environment are great. The owner and workers are wonderful as well, very welcoming, allowing you to feel at home! I don’t even reside in Sunnyside, but this place always keeps me coming back! Great idea, great location, great people!! 🙂


This is the worst idea ever! Ever since this place opened, it has been a source of complaints such as drips of blood and sounds of violent fights and attacks. Pubs and bars are okay. But a place like this, including sex clubs and strip clubs are a big no no to the safe, stable, family-oriented, middle and working class neighborhood known as Sunnyside, Queens. I hope this place gets shut down by the city and to never see these type of places ever again.


The problem with Xio’s and other small bars is we can get people in there but due to stupid outdated cabaret laws people cant dance even if its 10 people.

I am a dj and jobs are really hard to find today, but bars like XIO are all over the place just waiting to be successful if people just can dance a little without the cops shutting the place down.


Why are people still smoking tobacco? By now, one would think an educated population would have moved forward. It’s a habit that’s hard to break, and one that leads to poor health, decreased quality of life, and puts you on the fast-track to a shorter life span.

Flavoring it with strawberry or apple doesn’t really disguise the fact that tobacco has very little to offer except for a flavor and a mild chemical buzz—-the real reason anyone needs to smoke is to satisfy the cravings of their addiction- don’t go to a hookah bar, go to the doctor!

Queens Blvd

Basic business principles never seem to be followed, or have ever been learned, on this poor, embarrassed boulevard.

I give it 2 months before it resides to $1 beer Wednesdays,,,opps,,,sorry Xio’s!

Original Sunnysider

Hookah is the stupidest invention ever. You want to smoke? Go buy a pack of cigs or go buy some weed. Period. I hope this place does not last. Btw, even though when you smoke hookah you use a disposable tip, you’re still putting your mouth on something many other have put their mouth on. Nasty.


Like Susan said above, this isn’t a new thing. Xio Lounge (on the same block) offers hookahs. Though this looks like a nicer/calmer environment for it. Most hookah bars offer uncorking fees and BYOB to get around the alcohol licenses, wouldn’t be surprise if this follows suit.


just what we needed! 3 doors down the Classless Bar Xio also has hookahs………they wont last so …NEXT!


A fabulous addition to Sunnyside that will draw patronage from other areas as well. Can’t wait to get hookahed!

Annie D

Hookah bars are exempt from the ban the same way cigar bars are. Has nothing to do with the geographic origins of hookah.


The other night I saw a bunch of cops and ambulances in front of the bar next to Ariyoshi. anybody know what happened?

Oppressed Masses

Yeah, right next to Deals so you can load up on dollar snacks to have while huffing on the flavored smoke.


Does this site get paid to advertise –I mean report– about these stores? This doesn’t sound like just another piece of news, it reads more like an advertisement.



You’re probably right.

If hookah cafes weren’t part of Arab/Muslim culture, they’d be banned in a heartbeat. More politically correct double standards.


Hookah bar’s are exempt because Muslims are Fooking CRAZY and do anything to upset them (which is almost any little thing) and they start threatening death to infidels. Take their Hookah bars away and it would have been an international incident.

Also, of course something becoming popular would open in Sunnyside. Rather than open something functional open something trendy for all the hipsters in Sunnyside.

Whats next, Coffee Colonics in 43rd ave ?


So has smoking been banned in bars, cafes and restaurants or not?

Why are hookahs exempt?


Oooh nice! Wish they at least had a beer license though. I guess I’ll have to make due with coffee and tea 🙂


worst idea ever, used to be a subway, might attract hs ppl but cmon looks pretty shitty and cheap


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