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Homeless Murder Victim is Named

Sept. 30, 2013 By Christian Murray

A homeless man who was brutally assaulted at a Sunnyside park earlier this month and later died in hospital has been named.

The victim was Jose Rico, 42.

Rico was savagely assaulted at Sabba Park, located at 49th Street and Queens Blvd., at about 7: 15 am Sept. 7. He was approached by three men and got into an altercation with one of them. He was punched repeatedly in the face and was left unconscious.

Rico was then taken to Elmhurst Hospital where he died on Sept. 12.

The police are still investigating the incident.

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I wonder if it wasn’t a group of young teens. I was witness to a brutal attack on a homeless man in Noonan playground a few years ago. It was truly disgusting to see how the kids (most looked to be 12 years old) had total disregard for life, and pounced on the man – beating him with intent to kill (I called 911 immediately, and luckily there were a couple officers on patrol nearby who arrived within a couple minutes). I was with my toddler, and felt so ashamed that he saw such actions by what were essentially young kids. I tried to stop them, but other kids began massing, and started egging the instigators to beat him more. I still remember one boy who looked hesitant to continue – and I said to him, “you are going to end up in jail one day if you continue like this.” He got on his bike and left. The worst was when the cops showed up. At the same time, a parent of one of these kids appeared, and claimed (complete lie), “I saw the homeless guy attack my son!! It was self-defense!” I was the only adult on the scene who stood up for the homeless guy, and made a point to tell the cops that he was completely innocent, and was the actual victim (I was shaking when I gave my statement, I was that upset). Of course, the cops let all the kids go with a simple warning, as the homeless guy was whisked away by an ambulance – his forehead split open from where one boy stomped on him. That was the first time I saw pure ugly evil in Sunnyside – and I’m afraid, it only continues (I see the same boys in the neighborhood still, older, and only causing worse trouble).


I knew a guy by the same name who lived on Skillman and 53rd years ago. His marriage fell apart and he became a heavy drinker. The last I heard of him was from a neighbor who found him passed out on Greenpoint Ave early one morning. I wonder if it was the same guy? Whether drifter or resident, RIP.

john charles

He was married with two kids, was a gentle lovely man that could not stop drinking. I worked with him years ago and he was well liked & respected by everyone, when I heard this news was so sad.

Rich Klein

Someone knows something about these thugs. Have flyers been posted with information about the crime? Sketches? Any of us could have been a victim, just like the homeless man.


7:15 a.m.? Very few people out that early in the morning. Yes, there has been a spike in violent crime and not enough publicity. Three perpetrators? Could it be related to the Rispoli murder?


Maybe the men came from Secrets. The police should talk to the strippers. They might need a stack of bills though.

Long time Sunnyside resident

I agree with Micky but cops like to tell us it’s down!!! Sunnyside s not as sunny as it used to b. 🙁



If anyone is interested in creating a Neighborhood Watch type program for the Sunnyside/Woodside area please email me at:

I’ve already contacted a few area officials and Sunnysiders who are active in the neighborhood to see how we can best legitimately get it off the ground or link up to an existing group that has similar interests in keeping the area safe.

At the very least we can put our heads together on how to better keep in touch and alert residents to what is going on in our area. Your support and volunteer efforts are needed in order to improve the current crime situation.


– See more at:


Ewwww who would want to punch a homeless person? you don’t know where they’ve been.

3 men?

wonder if any of the facts are similar to Rispoli assault and subsequent death. These creeps prey. Must stop them.


Again! Sunnyside Post, please have a live crime blogger for Sunnyside, Queens. It’s frivolous of you to have this information about a murder from four weeks ago to be posted this week.

Craic Dealer

John Vincent Daniels Jr. Square always has homeless sleeping on the benches too… maybe that can be cleaned up as well.


I hope those jerks get caught. This happened just as the edge of the decent part of the neighborhood, right where it starts getting sketchy.


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