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Holiday Lights to Come to Woodside, First Time in 20 Years

Nov. 5, 2013 By Christian Murray

For the first time in more than twenty years, several Woodside streets will be lit up with holiday lights this December–and adorned with snowflakes and streamers.

The lights, which are scheduled to be erected during the last week of November, will go up on Woodside Avenue (between 61st and 56th streets) and on Roosevelt Avenue (from 61st to 52nd streets).

“We want to bring the festive, seasonal feeling to the neighborhood,” said Adrian Bordoni, executive director of Woodside on the Move, which sought the lights and is in charge of administering them.

Woodside on the Move received the funding for the lights through Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s office—as well as donations from local businesses.

“I wanted to make sure that Woodside was just as lit up over the holidays as all the other neighborhoods in my district,” Van Bramer said, referring to Sunnyside and Long Island City.

“The lights are not just about making us all feel good,” Van Bramer said  “People are more likely to shop in the neighborhood with them there—which is good for small businesses.”

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America is Gods Country

Hey Allah baba!

I see I got under your skin! You see…you did offend me when you said and I quote “where are my special lights and special adornmants on my special day”? Wah wah wah Which by the way are called ornaments, they are all back in your country! Again, you go bitching ( and you say you’re not but clearly are)! Us folks BORN AND RAISED IN AMERICA have to put up with insults and comments like yours. And if you are giving back to America, why not start by enjoying in our festivities? The funny thing is I join in on Muslim holidays with my very good Muslim friends who by the way we break bread all together for their religious holidays and mine! Ohhh, you didn’t see that coming, did you? They are the true meaning of Americans!

I’m actually an Orthodox Christian but I do LOVE Queen of Angels Church. Again you see I sent my children to that school and I’m not even catholic! That’s what diversity is!!!!:)

Oh and yes! I LOVE my exclamation points!!!!!!!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!!!!

I’ll take coal in my stocking any Christmas defending my country!!!!:)

Peace and Good Luck to you, Allah Buddah Jr!

Yahweh Brahman Allah Buddha Jr.

@America: Was there a sale on exclamation points?

My country? My country is your country bub! Get used to it!! I don’t “bitch” about my rights. I celebrate them. They are beautiful and they protect me from people like you. I agree we are being stripped of our rights from the Patriot Act to idiots like you who elect idiots to pass idiotic draconian laws. And why would you want to offend anyone of any faith? And as for it being the “CHRISTMAS” season I see from your comment that you are a true loving Christian. You’re putting the “Christ” back in Christmas!!! Oh, and isn’t this your land of milk and honey too? Isn’t everybody’s hope that we’ll prosper and enjoy life? And how about those big crosses on churches? They’re offending bigots like you every day!!!

I took it America and gave it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!

Queen of Angels
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Young Israel of Sunnyside

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Good luck.

America is Gods Country

Hi there Ala’s boy!

Where are you’re lights you ask? Back in your country!
Pack your crap up get the heck out of here! You come here to the Grand ole US of A and all bitch about your rights!!! We as Americans are all being stripped of our rights and we all have to “becareful” not to “offend” anyone who’s not of the Christian faith! So, this CHRISTMAS season just suck it up…you’re in AMERICA…THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY TO YOU FOLKS! Maybe those who are offended to see the big tents up at OUR local parks during Ramadan should start doing something about it!

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Yahweh Brahman Allah Buddha Jr.

I am who am want to know who’s paying for all that electricity?! And where are my lights and festive adornments on my special days? Who’s excluding me?…What? Majority rules? Not in the United States of America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights!!! Take that Jesus!!


Christmas lights all the way up to 52nd St.

BOY that is a first, including the middle ground between Sunnyside and Woodside.

Thanks to whomever made that nice decision.

We are usually forgotten …


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