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Hochul Lifts Mask Mandates on Mass Transit

Masked riders on the subway (Photo: Queens Post)

Sept. 7, 2022 By Christian Murray

The state’s mask mandate for public transit has been lifted, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday.

Hochul said the state will immediately end masking rules on subways, buses, Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road. The new policy also applies to airports, for-hire vehicles, correctional facilities, detention centers and homeless shelters.

The governor said that while the masks are no longer required, their use should be encouraged. Signs will be posted on the subway and in transit areas that will promote mask use but make clear that they are optional.

“We have to restore some normalcy to our lives,” Hochul said, noting that the masks are now optional.

“If you choose not to have a mask, it’s your own risk assessment. You make your own determination but do not judge your fellow passengers on what their choices are.”

Officials had stopped enforcing the mask requirement some time ago and people had largely stopped adhering to the rule.

The mask mandate was first put in place in April 2020 by Hochul’s predecessor, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Masks, however, must still be worn in hospitals and adult care facilities, such as nursing homes.

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I'd like to see a debate please

Hochul needs to set a date to debate Lee Zeldin these Democrats can’t keeping putting debates off. This is part of our democratic process stopping being so wimpy Lee isn’t that scary.


But now she declared emergency in New York City for polio, and mentioned polio vaccines under her breath in the same sentence. When are people going to wake up? When is enough enough?? Vaccines, boosters, monkeypox, polio, measles, donkey pox and so on. People need to wake up and see how many issues they are now having because of the vaccines. Heart issues, immunity issues, wake up people they are playing us for fools and you are falling into their trap.

I thought mask mandates were bad?

Wait, you forgot the “my body my choice” narrative! How embarrassing. Now that you have it your way…you’re STILL complaining?

Rita S.

I take the bus & will continue to use mask. Lots of ppl cough / sneeze w out covering mouth
or use tissue.

masks optional

So criminals will still be able to cover their faces and commit crimes against riders?? Doesn’t sound like a plan to boost ridership…sounds like Hochul saw the poll having her only 4 points ahead with a 3.5 percent margin of error…next thing you know she will be expanding police budgets, eliminating bail reform and supporting fracking…another phony….

Panic fatigue

About time. The pandemic is over. Big Pharma will have to settle for the windfall they already made.

David Smith

500 people die every day from COVID-19 in the USA. Maybe that means it’s over to you but not to medical experts.

this will not fare well

Filthy transit-system, just reading about it I need a mask. Should be encouraged to wear gloves and disinfect as soon as possible.

too little too late

Most people stopped wearing them a long time ago. And many people never started. And still others wore them, but pulled down under their chins. There was zero enforcement of the policy. It’s just like people jumping the turnstiles. I’ve always worn my mask on the subway, however. Because I don’t want to get sick.


I appreciate you wearing a mask, but it will not protect you from getting sick. Even the mask diehards acknowledge this, however if you are sick it will protect those around you from you. Thank you for wearing your mask.


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