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High-End Eyelash and Waxing Salon Opens on 47th St, Attracts Clients From All Across NYC

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July 31, 2016 Sponsored Story

New York City residents who are looking to get eyelash extensions and waxing services at a high-end location can now turn to a new salon that opened in Sunnyside two months ago just a block away from the 46th Street  7 train station.

Luxury Lash & Wax, located at 45-48 47th Street, held its grand opening at the end of May and since then the salon has attracted clients from all across the city that are looking to receive a pampered experience at an affordable rate, according to owner David K.

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Front desk and entry

“When clients open our doors, we want to take them away from the stresses of city living, and bring them into an environment that’s both relaxing and pampering,” David said.

The hardwood floors, ample lighting, and scent of incense throughout is intended to add to this mood.

The high-end beauty salon’s services include offering three types of lash extensions; synthetic hair, silk and mink.

According to its website, “size availability ranges from 7 mm to 16 mm, and once selected, the lashes are applied one at a time using a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye or damage the natural lash.”

The salon’s owner said the lifespan of these lashes can last up to eight weeks.

“However, we encourage all our clients to come back for touch ups every 2 or 3 weeks to make sure that they get the full life cycle of their extensions,” explained David K.

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Eyelash extension

The salon also offers strip and non-strip waxing, with special wax ingredients and techniques to help ensure a painless experience.

“The wax we use here you won’t find anywhere else,” the salon owner said.

Customers can opt for waxing only certain areas of their face, such as a jawline, upper lip, or eyebrows, or they can have their entire face done for $45.

There are also private rooms for full body waxing, including Brazilian and full back and shoulders.

Luxury Lash & Wax is currently offering all new clients 40% off their first eyelash treatment for a limited time. Readers can learn more about their full list of services at its website here, or can schedule a treatment by calling 929-522-0885.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Saturday – 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday – 12:00 pm to 6 :00 pm

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You see a lot of these places in L.A. and Miami, but you also see many drop-dead gorgeous women there, too. Maybe things will changed around here. We can always hope!


This was my old shop. Good luck with the psychotic landlord. This place is always empty though.


Very disappointing to see ‘fake’ journalism in the Sunnyside Post. Sponsored stories are ads, trying to fool readers into thinking they are news items. No reason to pay any attention to a business’ claims that its services are wonderful. Maybe the restaurant recently closed down by the Dept. of Health for safety and hygiene violations could buy a praising piece too.

So how much did it cost them to run this story?


While I really don’t mind sponsored posts (the site has to make some money) I wish they aren’t written in a way to fool the readers that it’s a personal review/recommendation. It’s nice to know about stores in the area no matter what they sell/service, but I wish the blog owners did a bit more to introduce other stores or businesses on their own. I would love to see a true directory of sunnyside businesses, shouldn’t sunnyside shines or sunnyside business district be doing this? I guess they also want stores to pay them to be included in their directory? Until then, we all should be yelping about our experiences in these stores and praise the good ones.

Save the Robots

I think these “sponsored stories” should be relegated to a sidebar under a heading identifying them as such and should not be the lead article at any time. They are ads: They should be treated as such.


Seriously, how long were you “fooled?” Did it take a couple days before you figured it out?

Not a hater, just curious

Sunnyside Post: when you take money to do a “sponsored story” like this, is there an agreed amount of time you have to keep it your “front page” article? Just curious when it’s worth checking back for something new.


Please start labeling paid advertising as such.
It is required by law.
Thank you.


I may be wrong, but I do not remember seeing “sponsored” on the original article.

Now that it has been updated to show as such I have no complaints.


Congratulations to the owners, the neighborhood REALLY needed one more waxing and threading salon.

To the blog admin, maybe you should disclose this is an advertorial/promoted post.


Thanks, I believe that was added after my comment. Blog masters, please correct me if I am wrong.


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