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Head Chef at Takesushi Making Overseas Trips to Japan to Hand Deliver Sushi Every Other Weekend

June 15, 2017 By Staff Report

A sushi restaurant in Sunnyside is serving seafood that is 30 hours fresher than those who pickup imported catches at domestic seaports and fish markets.

Robin Kawada, head chef of Takesushi at 43-46 42nd St, has been departing on a plane every other Tuesday to bring in seafood directly from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, cutting the normal time for standard importation from 48 hours to 18 hours. Kawada says this gives his customers seafood that is 30 hours fresher than standard fare.

“I want to do something that nobody else can do,” Kawada said.

Robin at Tsukiji Market in Japan

Kawada says he returns from his trip to Tokyo in time to serve the extra fresh fare every other weekend. His latest catch will be available starting tonight through Sunday June 18.

The 30 hour head start on seafood freshness is a widely known industry secret among seafood restaurant owners who have dual residencies in North America and Japan. However, some establishments are known to charge between $250 and $400 a plate for such premium dishes in Manhattan.

“We will only charge a fraction of that amount per dish, between $120-$150 a meal,” Kawada said.

Kawada, who describes himself as a pioneer of the New York sushi industry, says he was among the first sushi specialists in Manhattan when he opened a restaurant in April 1975. Kawada, at one time, had establishments at 230 Park Ave, at 54th Street/2nd Ave, as well as one in Great Neck and in Woodmere.

Today, he just has his Sunnyside location.

Kawada said he will be making these trips to Tokyo every two weeks for the foreseeable future and will be offering these rare, extra fresh meals every couple of weeks.

Promotional flyer

Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

Fresh fish from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

Robin returning from Japan

Note: Takesushi is an advertiser of the Sunnyside Post

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Robin has always been passionate about fish, he was a fishmonger/fish distributor before going into the restaurant business. As a restaurateur, by passing the wholesalers and dealing direct with the distributors affords him the opportunity to get the best cut at the best price. This guy is a hardcore, he don’t mind if the business just break even if he gets to do what he loves everyday.


But the article says that other places do that, too-& then charge a fortune.Alas, I ,too, am unsophisticated & wouldn’t know the difference,but if this man has such passion for excellence, all the best to him..


It says he’s an advertiser. That’s what this is an advertisement. Get lost with your 18 hr sushi. What happens when you don’t sell it that day? Its the same as anyone else’s. Scam.


Robin actually goes to Japan to get fish. He does it because he has passion. Yes, some may say he is foolish. I also had some doubt about this however I am letting Robin do what he wants. He has a lot of passion. Always striving for excellence. So who cares if there are a few bad comments here? These people commenting do not know that’s Robin goes to Japan. Robin knows because he does go. So please be more considerate of your words and not assume this is a scam. Thank you.

Ha he looks like a catfish

Nice! Somebody who gets it. Well done anon and osi and mom’s bf


And I thought we heard it all…! That’s economically impossible. First of all airplane tickets, living expenses while in Japan, then transportation costs, getting through customs. Anyone believing this story is the most gullible person on Earth… Whoever gave authorization for this article to be publoshed should go apply to the Wall Street Journal or New York Times… ?????????????????????


Excuse me? I personally know Robin. He goes to Japan to get fresh fish. Why does he do it? Because he has passion. He loves his job and he loves his customers. He is willing to go the lengths to make his restaurant the best it can be. This is not complete bullshit because I am his son who works with him.


Yea yea yea a lot of travel for sushi to save 30 hrs or less of freshness that is senseless. Nobody could possible tell the difference if it was delivered at 4am today or 4pm the next day. Its still packed and shipped. Its like saying wine was delivered on Tue and it’s better than the wine in wed. No sense. Half Idiots from sunnyside dont know wether its tue or wed as it is. Total bs

Mr meiahgi

How can you pay all the airfare and still make a profit? Maybe the heroin thats packed in the suitcases. Allegedly. Maybe its not profitable, maybe that’s why the other stores closed that he owned. Too much money to eat that crap


Your claim that Robin had heroin in his bag is ridiculous. Please do not make such assumptions. Robin actually has fish in there. Yes, it does seem really ridiculous and I did not believe he would do this as well but he does. He has passion and loves what he is doing.


is the Japanese coast using a different ocean than the California coast? curious why.

Sunnyside Mom

Had dinner there last week. We had no idea he was going to such lengths to get fresh fish. Their food is always top notch.

Your moms boyfriend

Are people this dumb to believe this bs story it is clearly an advertisement


As a former employee of his I can vouch for him doing this!! I have never met someone who truly cares so much about the quality of his fish or an owner of a restaurant so deeply involved with the little details of their business.

Jimmy Nobu

We’ll get you some Coney Island whitefish, but if people like eating bait what’s it to you?

Part eggplant

What’s with the luggage photo? That’s supposed to be proof that he’s been going to Tokyo? And is he bringing the fish back in those suitcases, with his socks and underwear??? This is weird.


The Japanese notoriously overfish. And what a carbon-heavy footprint of an excuse for a such roll

what our beaded hipster friends really want

if he wants to make some cash he should bring back some japanese selvedge denim, not fish. hipster like tacos better than sushi anyway.

People really pay much for that? Not me


I love Takesushi. They have the best sushi in the neighborhood it’s a bit pricey. Now that I know that the fish really comes from Tokyo it’s so well worth the price!

Woodside Dude

That’s what happens if you grew up in Staten Island. You only knew deformed fish. Lol

Roxy (the real one)

This is an impostor. I am the ONLY Roxy who’s been posting at this website since it began.


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