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Hardware Store on Queens Boulevard to Close This Month; Block Undergoing Transition

Hardware Store to Close After 20 Years in Operation (Photo: QueensPost)

March 22, 2019 By Christian Murray

A hardware store that has been on Queens Boulevard for 20-years is closing at the end of the month.

AAA Hardware Locksmith, located at 43-24 Queens Blvd., will be shutting its doors March 31 and is currently holding a 50 percent off sale.

“It’s time for me to retire,” said Eric Son, the owner of the store and a Whitestone resident. “I have owned it for 20 years and it’s getting hard to make money. Rents keep going up and the hardware business is tough.”

Son’s business is on a block that is undergoing transition.

The hardware store is one piece of a 9,500 square foot property that covers half the block, which incorporates stores such as Dave’s Bagels and Amazon Pharmacy. Riko Peruvian Cuisine had a storefront on that parcel, which closed last month.

The large property, comprised of a series of one-story stores, was purchased in May 2018 by OK Champs for $9.9 million, according to city records. The property was up-zoned in 2011 to R7A, which typically allows for seven to nine story buildings.

Son said that he wasn’t pushed out or given any incentives to leave. He just said the rent keeps going up and that he was struggling to make ends meet.

OK Champs has not filed for demolition permits or new building plans, according to the Department of Buildings website.

The managing partner of OK Champs, Sang K Oh, could not be reached for comment.

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What is going on? Where are the politicians we vote for when we need them? Businesses are closing or burning down, there is a housing shortage and yet so-called massage parlors are popping up everywhere. What was once a pharmacy on the corner of 40 St. & Qns Blvd., has been empty for years. What was once a dry cleaner on 47th Ave. between 40th St. & 41 St. has been empty for decades. What was once Jenny’s Cleaners on Greenpoint Ave. between 43rd & 44th Streets was recently forced to shut down because the owner prefers a restaurant. A 3-building complex of 50 apartments on 47th Ave. between 39th Pl. & 40th Street has boarded up and padlocked 2 empty buildings and a 3rd is partially empty. Drugs are being openly used. Crime is on the rise. What’s next?

Nom de plum

They are too busy worrying about Amazon coming and affecting local businesses while they r going out of business due to hi rents and now to build new apartment bldgs instead of helping businesses Guess our local representatives eemain in the pockets of real estate builders

Sherry G.

Oh no !! That’s my hardware store. I’m so sorry to see you leave Mr Son. Good luck to you.

Princess Vespa

What do the homeless have to do with a hardware/Home improvement store???


Thanks Mr. Oh. I hope your happy. You’ve suceeded in reaching the American Dream. You made a killing with your building and you’ve contributed to ruining a neighborhood. But you and your followers will say that you did nothing wrong.

woodside tax payer

Yes I agree too cant wait for dumbo Van Bramer to leave office. He did nothing for community but destroy with homeless shelters. Thanks you clown
for losing Amazon , rather have jobs than homeless


No matter how much you real estate Trumptards post “Amazon” , it won’t change anything.

Dear Boss

And if we had more jobs there probably wouldn’t be homeless. One hand washes the other.

El loco

Another empty store in a neighborhood going down the drain fast. Even Pat Dorfman can’t save us now.

Immoral Society

There are plenty of other neighborhoods you can relocate to if you don’t like it. Back to Jersey where you belong!

Southside Johnny

Probably because not enough people are buying their product. I’m guessing you’ve bought zero sneakers there. Be honest.


Wouldn’t be surprise if JVB is behind this along with Amazon. Can’t wait for JVB to leave office what a disgrace of a puplic offical he has been especially with his hands on the dumb bike lanes. #impeach45


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