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NYPD: Man Gropes 19-Year-Old Woman on 41st Street

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May 19, 2012 Staff Report

A man approached a 19-year-old female on 41st Street–by 43rd Avenue–from behind and then touched her private parts, according to police.

The incident occurred on May 16th at 10:50 pm.

The victim, who asked to conceal her identity, said she was walking home when the man pinned her against a fence on the corner of 41st Street and 43rd Avenue.

“He grabbed me from behind,” she told NY1. “He put one of his hands into my pants and I felt that he pulled out his privates.”

The woman managed to escape before anything else happened.

“I tried to, like, kick my way out of it, so I kind of stepped on his foot,” she told the NY1. “I tried to use my arms to get away and then I just ran home.”

Police are classifying the incident as a forcible touching.

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I agree with SuperWitty, Sunnyside is safer and overall a better neighborhood than it was 10 years ago. I used to see actual gangs hanging around here back then, now the delinquents are few and far in between. Trust me, if there was a Sunnyside post back then there would have been much more crime related stories being reported

Some of you will complain at nothing short of utopia. Guess what… it’s not happening. People smoking on fire escape? Seriously? That’s what grinds some of your gears? This part of Queens is still one of the safer neighborhoods in the entire city.

There is a reason the rent has gone up significantly here in that time… it’s desirable to live here. Even with the housing crisis a lot of the houses in Sunnyside gardens are worth 2-3x more than what they were 10 years ago.


I was sort of attacked once about 3 weeks ago between 48th and Queens BLVD. I am not sure if that man, who is about 5’8, 180 pounds mexican was the gropper. I am also not sure if he was trying to attack me to he bag in my hand because I duck out of the way.

I see someone who lives in the same level but different building from mine constantly throw trash like bags, papers out of their window.


I was at the park on skillman ave and 41st street yesterday around 4pm. There were children everywhere and a homeless man sleeping on the bench. A police car was circling “the surrounding area” and must have driven around the park area at least 5 times, not to mention they had to stop at the light. I’m sure that they saw the guy, but they did nothing at all. Is driving around really going to help the area nonetheless?


Disgusting pervert needs a swift kick in the balls next time he tries this.

John K. Wilson

I believe Webley means “meter maids”—women Police Officers whose primary job is to issue parking tickets. Webley may a suffered a momentary bout of aphasia. I have them all the time, lately, it seems.
Smitty, I almost never agree with you; but, I believe you are correct here: crime is reported with greater speed, and more comprehensively, by outlets like this one.

Get a Life

Heard about lady whose cell phone was stolen on 50th Street near 43rd Avenue. Sure we will hear lecture about “being alert”. I have a good idea: make some arrests!


I’ve lived in this neighborhood since the mid-nineties and feel as if it is much improved. Don’t know if we have the actual statistics to say if crime is really up and quality of life is really down, maybe these issues are being more effectively reported? There was no Sunnyside blog in the past- who know, back then, about all of this?

Groping and mugging are issues that should not be ignored, I agree. I have never felt unsafe on our streets, though. Women need to report anything like this immediately so everyone knows where and when this sort of thing is happening.

Not sure what “minute maids” are and what they were doing wrong. Please explain. Thanks!

Smokers on a fire escape? I know there are a lot of people who drop their ashes and “butts” on the street; fortunately, the amount of people who smoke is down considerably.


Lately all we’ve been reading is groping, mugging, stealing, robbing, etc..
What’s is going on in this neighborhood? when did we turn into hoodlum town? Today as I was walking down on 44th street, I noticed a group of individuals are out on the fire escape of the apartment building on 3rd floor, smoking. Where do their ashes and buds go? Most likely down to the street.

I also saw someone urinating on the same street on my way back.

Near starbucks I noticed a beggar, and a pile of shit that could not have been a dog or a cat, it was most definitely a human crap. It was on 46th street.

Anyway, I still do not see much improvement after the recent meeting, but I did notice a group of minute maids on the side of wendy’s last week. there were three of them, just chatting and laughing out loud.


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