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Speciality Grocery/Deli to Replace Diving Bell

Parrot Coffee, a Mediterranean deli/grocery, is taking this QB space (Photo: QueensPost)

May 28, 2011 Staff Report 

A Mediterranean deli and grocery store is about to open at 45-15 Queens Blvd., which was the former location of the Diving Bell.

The new store will be called Parrot Coffee Shop, which will feature products such as olives, nuts, dried fruit and cheeses.

This store will be Parrot Coffee’s third. It has one in Astoria and one in Ridgewood.

Further details are coming.

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Angus Grieve Smith too bad we cnnot due on queens blvd on a sunday after say between 12 and 3 the less busy time of time and make both side of the blvd walkiable without lights for everyone and devert traffic down to skimman or greenpoint for 3 hours one day a week so we can walk and shop without traffic. Just to see what would happen?


No bar replacing the Diving Bell? My, my, my, where will anyone be able to get a drink in Sunnyside now?

Angus Grieve-Smith

Paul M., the Boulevard is perceived as an obstacle. There are a lot of people who live on the north side and will be happy to not have to cross it. I’m thinking this will compete more with Baruir, Massis, El Shater and the gourmet market at 46th and Skillman.


Congradulations to the new owner. I hope is a very succesful business.We seem to be getting more mediteranan cafe rest. bakeries in our town. We have to eat.

I which it was a bookstore or a clothingstore but it is a positive for our town. Which is great for us.

I am very grateful for thiis siite for orting this news to us.
you are the hear beat our our town.

No knowk intented but what happened to our local paper giivi g us the 411 as well.


I think the headline is misleading. My immediate reaction was the same as Paul’s, but after reading the whole piece and going to the yelp reviews it seems they have a niche.

Perhaps a headline along the lines of “Specialty Mediterranean Food Shop…” would cause less confusion.

When I lived in Brooklyn I loved going to Sahadi which is far from just another deli.


Oh, I don’t know, they sound like a unique-enough place to survive in a sea of other food stores–more of a specialty store than a supermarket or 24 hour deli. I’m always happy for a new store that isn’t Key Food.

Paul M.

A grocery store across the street from a 24 hour supermarket, around the corner from another 24 hour supermarket, one block west from a fruit stand, a half a block north from a 24 hour deli. How long will it stay in business?


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