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Anti-Graffiti Program Goes Into 2nd Year

Aug. 22, 2011 Staff Report

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer and the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce kicked off the second year of the anti-graffiti program.

Van Bramer and officials met today at the corner of 47th Avenue and 47th Street, a site which has often been targeted by taggers.

As part of the program, many local avenues are automatically cleaned on a monthly basis. This year, the program been expanded to include 48th Avenue in Woodside and 43rd Ave. in Sunnyside.

The original program, that went into effect this time last year, covered Woodside Avenue between 69th Street and Roosevelt Avenue;  47th Avenue between 38th Street and 51st Street, Broadway between 38th to 58th street; and 21st Street between Queens Blvd and 34th Avenue. These regular cleanup areas will continue.

Should residents see graffiti the NYPD suggests the following steps:

A)      Call 311 and report it, or 911 if they see a crime in progress.

B)      Request a prompt clean up, where a staff member from Jimmy Van Bramer’s office will call out someone to clean it up. To do this, go to Jimmy Van Bramer’s webpage (call 718-383-9566) or from the Sunnyside Chamber web site, which administers the city funding.

The public is urged by the NYPD to call the police first.

The NYPD has resources to identify a tag and are often able to locate repeat offenders and make arrests. Residents are urged to call 911 if they see the vandalism in progress, and 311 after the fact.

When calling 911, residents are asked to get a physical description if possible, what the suspect is wearing, vehicle or plate number, and the direction the suspect went.

At the June 28th public 108 Police Precinct Community Council meeting, Community Affairs Officer P.O. Maro Youssef reminded everyone, “We need help in catching the bad guys as well as cleaning it up.”

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Please do something about the guys sleeping in the 52nd Street Park near the subway. That area is an invitation for trouble.


How about doing something about the bums in the 52nd Street “park” near the subway. I saw one of them take a bath in the park using bottles of water. Please shut down this eyesore! Graffiti would improve this “park”.


What about the graffiti on the trees? Is there a safe way to remove it without harming the tree?


So what’s the plan to clean up the graffiti on the front of the movie theater (and how did not a soul notice someone spray painting the freakin’ facade of a one story building)? Is that the responsibility of the business owner?


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