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Good Neighbors supermarket opens, expects to be fully stocked in coming weeks

Good Neighbors Supermarket at 45-60 46th Street

Aug. 23, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Good Neighbors supermarket, the store across from I.S. 125 on 46th street, has opened for business.

The supermarket, located at 45-60 46th Street, gradually began selling items a week ago, and will have an inventory of American and Asian products, including meats and frozen foods, stocked in the coming weeks, according to Wei Xie, an employee at the supermarket.

The owners of Good Neighbors took over the locale early 2017, which used to be the site of a Five Star supermarket that abruptly closed.

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Xei wie

Aisha can’t you read the article. I clearly told reporter, stock is coming in upcoming weeks. Stop telling lie!!!!!!!!

No way

Someone says dirty and wasn’t stocked ,aisha says clean, someone says no ice, aisha says she saw ice. I say aisha works there or is involved some how. I was in there and there was no ice on the fish and it was only stocked with fruit & veg. Didn’t look that clean either. No way


Stopped in here last week and they have an incredible variety of vegetables that the other stores don’t have. Very well priced.


I stopped here also and all they had was VEG and some fruit. Not for me. For a new place ,it looked dirty

chuck shumer nose meter update

as i read this story my glasses are about 1/3 the way down on my nose, signifying that this is not an important news story.

El loco

Everyone needs to standup and speak out against racism, anti-Semitism and just hating people because of their ethnic group. We are all equal inside and if you don’t believe that then you are a loser.


what happened to gentrification? This place looks straight out the hood!
We need a Trader Joes or Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl

this place will get none of my hard earned hipster cash!!
Guaranteed on opening day you will see a mismatched linoleum floor.


If prices are more reasonable than the other stores then they will be very welcome. Just keep it clean and fresh smelling .. And have some people working there who speak English .. Learn how to meld into the neighborhood and all will be happy


What happened to standardized awning law? This place looks like right out of china town, such an eyesore. Oh and please stop posting advertisements. Maybe you can do once a week summary of all advertisement you want to post, stuff that’s not really important under one blog post. Anyway, looks terrible, and I hope at least prices are better than other expensive supermarkets in the area.


If you want a standardized look to a neighborhood, please move to the suburbs.
Prices will be cheaper than surrounding supermarkets.


What does Hillary have to do with this? Comments on this site really turn me off from it. I like to see what is going on in my neighborhood but the infantile name calling needs to stop.


The infantile name calling in the comments section of this website, perfectly mirrors the mentality of a lot of Sunnysiders. And as for this new supermarket, meh, another mediocre supermarket I’m sure.


Hi, it’s Me here, honestly I was really really surprised seeing 97 thumbs up (99 today). I wish I knew how to give multiple thumbs up/down because some people deserve to be down thumbed into oblivion on this site. If you look at my other posts, there are some with a lot of down votes too, I don’t manipulate votes or elections like some people do.


i love this place. its very clean and has excellent prices that i used to only find in flushing. now at least i dont have to travel all the way to main street. the only thing missing is a chinese bakery with some bbq pork buns!


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