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Glendale Council Member Calls for National Guard to be Deployed to NYC

Council Member Robert Holden (Facebook)

June 2, 2020 By Allie Griffin

A Glendale Council Member is calling for the National Guard to be deployed in New York City after looters shattered storefront windows and took off with merchandise for a second night in a row.

Council Member Robert Holden said the National Guard should be deployed to control the chaos which has enfolded in New York City in the past few days after protesters have flooded streets across the five boroughs to condemn the police killing of George Floyd.

Burnt-out police cars, shattered glass and stolen products have littered city streets after looters and rioters stirred up trouble following mostly peaceful protests — but Mayor Bill de Blasio said today he has no plans to deploy the National Guard.

“The National Guard should not be brought here,” de Blasio said at a press conference this morning. “We have 36,000 police officers. They are the best equipped to deal with this situation.”

However, Holden says the NYPD officers are overwhelmed.

“Our men and women in the NYPD are overwhelmed, with several of them being crowded by rioters in their vehicles, or having bricks and Molotov cocktails thrown at them,” he said in a statement. “While Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio sit in their secured ivory towers playing politics, our great city is burning; the final stage of de Blasio’s policies bringing us back to the 1970’s.”

Last night, one officer was struck by a hit-and-run car and another lone officer was beat as looters roomed the Bronx. People threw molotov cocktails into both occupied and unoccupied NYPD vehicles at least twice over the weekend.

“It is time that we take back our streets, and that our police officers are given the support they need to deal with the anarchists who have taken advantage of peaceful protests,” Holden continued.

“Governor Cuomo has said that the National Guard is ready, but Mayor de Blasio refuses to ask for their help while also admitting that the NYPD is stretched thin and cannot stop all incidents of looting. We need the mayor to stop pandering to political correctness and allow the National Guard to help New York City regain control.”

De Blasio said members of the National Guard do not know New York City like members of the NYPD do and could cause more harm than good.

“A National Guard – a member of the guard called up from any part of this state doesn’t have that particular training, doesn’t know our environment, but is carrying a loaded weapon,” he said. “That is a bad scenario.”

He said armed officers who are from outside the city could cause more unrest between law enforcement and protesters.

Several instances of NYPD officers using excessive force with protesters have already come under fire and many are being investigated.

In one instance, an officer shoved a young woman to the ground, causing her to suffer a concussion and seizure. Officers have also been seen waving a gun around at protesters, plowing into a crowd with a NYPD car and charging at protesters indiscriminately.

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Queens United

Heidi, Protesting the wrongful death of man is more important than an ethnic parade. There’s always next year.


All 4 officers now facing charges! It will be over soon and everyone around here can get back to work and back to walking their dogs.

Heidi Rojas

My sister in law who lives in the Bronx told me that that the looters and rioters in the Bronx were angry ? with the city for allowing and encouraging protests in Manhattan for BLM but yet cancelling the Puerto Rican parade.


Cuomo was forced to “return” patients to equipped nursing by Trump Administration CDC Rules. Trump has the blood of 100K Americans on his hands.


“They closed the bridges leading to Manhattan” — So what you’re saying is, the looters don’t live on Manhattan? Who’d a thunk it?


Let this be a big lesson to show the value of law enforcement. You naive fools act shocked but you live and protest among actual criminals. People who could literally care less about anyone else except themselves and who will loot you in a heartbeat if law enforcement didn’t exist.

Other than extrajudicial murder people like police

The police recently murdered a man by kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes.

“who could literally care less”

Were you trying to say COULDN’T care less? Words are hard.


I think the weather and the threat of military crackdown might have had something to do with it supposedly being calmer last night.

Bill DeBlasio says:

“A National Guard – a member of the guard called up from any part of this state doesn’t have that particular training, doesn’t know our environment, but is carrying a loaded weapon..” …Except all NY National Guard come from NY State and many come from the 5 boros…they also have MP(military police) units whose training and function is exactly to do policing…this is not a Hollywood movie with some outside military force trying to oppress the people…just admit Trump was right and let someone else clean up your mess


You will never convince me this looting, and rioting was over Floyd. The looters and rioters were mainly low class or low character opportunists that took advantage of the situation to steal new stuff and destroy property. This had absolutely nothing to do with justice, but everything to do with self gain.

They are protesting the police murdering George Floyd

Rioting just takes away from the message

Tree of Liberty

Just praying that DeBlasio’s wedding anniversary is approaching so that he can celebrate in Cuba where he had his honeymoon.


Debozo hates the police so the irony is thick
He ran for office on hate and he is worse than incompetent
Nice going new Yorkers
Most of you stayed home so he won

I agree, black lives matter

As you said, all lives, including the black ones, matter.

So when the police murder a man by kneeling on his neck when he’s shouting “I can’t breathe!” we should be concerned.

Thank you for agreeing we need to fight police brutality.

It's a bird, it's a it's just Angry Bob

If there’s one thing Glendale residents need, it’s the National Guard protection from Bob Holden. Comical stuff from NYC’s least qualified elected official! What’s next, Angry Bob? You’re really on a roll, little buddy! Play another hit for us?

Billy Pilgrim

36,000 cops, yeah. I saw a video last night of an officer, by himself, getting beat up by thugs in the Bronx. A few months ago they were getting water buckets dumped over their heads, obviously someone high up told them they are not allowed to really protect themselves. So this is now dangerous for cops to be non confrontational sitting ducks. National guard, let em do what they gotta do to get the job done. Thugs need a good ass kicking before they head back to momma.

Yoga for the homeless

Have them relieve deblazio of his command. He is utterly incompetent.


Thankfully there’s one politican that gives a fck because these Democrats have sided with the criminals while threatening the good people with fines over petty covid violations.


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