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Fundraiser to be held for Sunnyside’s Luke Adams

Luke Adams

Jan. 12, 2014 By Christian Murray

A group of Sunnyside artists are banding together to help raise funds for long-time resident Luke Adams who lost his job and was admitted into hospital last week.

Adams, a long-serving volunteer and former business owner, lost his $300 per week marketing director position at the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce early last week. His position was eliminated due to a lack of funds, according to the chamber.

Later in the week, Adams was rushed to hospital with a serious foot infection by his local physician Dr. Jagat Rawal. His condition is listed as stable.

Given Adams’ tough times, local artists Manny Gomez, Patricia Dorfman and Frances Schmidt are organizing a fundraising event at Murphy’s Lobster Grill on Monday, February 3, from 5-9 pm. Some of Adams’ personal items will be sold. There will also be raffles, food and drink on offer. There will be a $25 cover.

“Luke Adams is a local treasure,” said Pat Dorfman, a close friend of his. “He is the best promoter in Queens and loyal to a fault. I urge everyone to come and wish him well at our old-time ‘rent party.’”

Adams, who was at one time the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, is well known by the community for his work with the Lions Club and Furthermore, he was the first recipient of the Sunnysider of the Year award, which is named after him.

Adams’ medical expenses are largely covered by Medicare, but all proceeds from the benefit will help him pay his rent and other bills.

The event will be held through SunnysideArtists, a group which “Luke helped from the very beginning,” said Manny Gomez, the president of the organization. “Luke is a local arts booster. He still is a big help.”

For more information, email [email protected], or call 718-909-4806.

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Dorothy Morehead

The last post was mine. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t under my name. I should have also noted that Luke singlehandedly produced a monthly newsletter, complete with color photos which he took, introducing new businesses.


There have been fundraisers for a number of people in Sunnyside. I’ve been to three in the last few years. The community board and Jimmy Van Bramer collect food, school supplies, Halloween candy and children’s Christmas gifts for those in need. Luke is far from elite. He for many years ran his small travel agency in Sunnyside and on his own time and money essentially ran the Chamber of Commerce. This fundraiser is our small way to pay him back for his commitment to this community.

Rick Duro

Reuben, look up the word ‘compassion’. It applies to all creatures, both great (us) and small (dogs).

You talk quite a bit about what others should be doing. What is it that you do to make a difference? Maybe you can organize a fundraiser for kids/parents in need w/i Sunnyside! I’d gladly donate. Be a leader. Less talk, more action. Do you think people in SUDS, or any pet owner for that matter, only donates to animal causes? That’s a ridiculous assumption.

The dog, Smokey, got sick from leptospirosis. It’s caused by a dog eating food it finds on the ground that has been soiled by rats/mice. How did the food get there, you ask? Well, that’d be a HUMAN who carelessly discarded it. So, think about it this way, the fundraiser was for a great dog that got sick because some lazy moron decided to chuck his lunch on the ground, instead of using a garbage can.

SUDS is very proud that we were able to help that family pay some of its medical bills. Smokey recovered and lived a good, long life. As much as you might not like to hear it, people’s pets are indeed members of the family.

SUDS has helped humans as well. When members have been sick we have brought food to them, walked their dogs, gone shopping for them and taken them to the doctor.

Reuben, spend less time behind a keyboard and more time in the real world. Try making a difference. Action, not words.


Plain Spoken

@Sunnysider: Maybe if we had meetings of the “K9 Haters Club,” or the “White Supremacy Club,” or the “Hipsters Are Dipshits Club” there would be more community involvement. Count me in when there’s a “Haters Hating Haters Club” meeting!


I can’t believe the amount of haters in this small Sunnyside region. I never see any of u at the local community meetings and u would def be noticed and introduced as a new member. There are several dif organizations u can get involved in to help our community. So give an hour or two of your time a couple of times a month to help out community insets of constantly moaning on this site. Stand up and be heard.

Sunnyside Native

The great thing about living in a democracy is that we can all decide where we want to donate our money to. Friends & neighbors rallied to help a fellow SUDS members dog. That is the wonderful community we live in. I can’t help all the sick people in the world, but I would be happy to donate to a cause such as the man mentioned in this article. Word of advice: you & your baby mama needs to save all your pennies because you have alienated so many people on this forum, that nobody would start a fundraiser for you if you got sick. You spew hate, bullshit and negativity! Take your lithium and go to bed! Psycho…


Still on my Nutsack eh Sunnyside Native? Can’t take the truth? Everything i’ve said is true, EVERYthing.

for example, getting THOUSANDS (which you seem so proud of) to save the life of a dog but do you even know about the people who have sick fathers who can’t work and put food on their families tables?

The life of a dog is more important than a humans, that’s how you roll..

and I’m a troll..for pointing out your idiocy. Must be nice living in that bubble of yours.

Sunnyside Native

Ruben aka sunnysideposthatesme14 – so much for your negativity and DOG HATING tactics just to try & get a rise out of people. The humans in the neighborhood should look after each other, just as well as the dog community here looks after one another. When one of our fellow SUDS dogs became ill with Leptospirosis, we held a local fundraiser at the Courtyard Ale House which raised THOUSANDS towards that dogs veterinary bill. That’s how SUDS rolls!!! Go eff yourself Ruben and stop being a troll! What a sad existence you must have spewing negativity. How does your baby mama stand it??

Czarinna @ Bing's Hallmark

I am so sorry to hear of Luke’s health condition. He is a kind and compassionate man who has always been very good to me.
To anyone who would like to purchase a card for Luke at Bing’s Hallmark, please mention his name at the register to get 10% off your card purchase, we will also gladly help you pick out a card for him.
I will be attending this fund raiser and would like to contribute what I can.
Thank you to everyone who’s behind putting this together and letting us know of it.


The community would do better to help EVERYONE in Sunnyside, not just a select few. That’s elitism.

There’s plenty of families that can use some extra help with food for their families, laundry or even time.

more events should be held to assist those around us not just for stupid dogs.


@ Plain Spoken

What?! Are you human? Are you even a mammal? Where the heck is your heart and soul? If you can’t see that putting on a benefit for a beloved member of this community is THE RIGHT THING TO DO, there is no hope for you.


Chris Donovan

Luke was always very kind to me and introduced me to a lot of people in Sunnyside, who is running the benefit? He is a nice man and I would be happy to attend also I would like to contribute something that could be used as a raffle

Rich Klein

Very sorry to hear about Luke’s health and the loss of his job — but very heartened that folks who care about him most stepped up to the plate with this wonderful idea of a fundraiser. I’ve lived here a very short time but quickly realized what a force for good and inspiration this man has been to the Sunnyside community that goes way beyond just the Chamber.

South Side Johnny

Is it really fair to attack the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce like this? Does anyone have any unbiased information on this story that explains their position? The position sounds like it was part-time and without medical benefits. Is his distressful situation their fault?


I really do not know much about the chamber of commerce association but I do know that they and the community should look out for the people of Sunnyside. Luke Adams has been and is the person u could always go to and ask about what s happening in Sunnyside . We need more people to actually do some work for our neigherhood . Where does the president of the chamber of commerce live??? Is he active in our community fighting crime etc??? We need an organization with down to earth people running it. We would get more results I promise

" Sunnysider"

” this is a horrible shame” for a man to give so much to his communtiy and for the chamber to not have the funds to pay him… what about sunnyside shines should pay him as a consultant and his years of expeience would would very well for him… his heart and soul is in this town… he is the mayor of sunnyside… we should all turn out and support Mr. Luke Adams for what he has done for all of us over the years and now that he is in his golden years…. is is fantastic that pat and francis and the other gentlman are doing this fundraiser for me… we truly care about this man…

Patricia Dorfman

wow…nice to see nice things said.

Luke asks no flowers, fruit or candy to hospital. loves cards, though, if u are are in the mood. please send to his home.
Luke Adams #1B
42-09 47th Ave.
Sunnyside, NY 11104

Luvu2, great! yes, if you can’t attend (it is 5-8pm not 5-9pm), please DO donate to above name and address to “Luke Adams.”

If you can attend, please just show up! cover will be $25. Event to be called “Irish Eyes Are Smiling” with Irish theme just for fun, and even an Irish feis, but ALL ARE WELCOME and PLEASE COME. questions/other donations, please email [email protected], or call 718 909 4806

also, i believe luke was president of the chamber, not VP, when he owned his firm, donbar travel.

agree wit both posts, dorothy m.

Dorothy Morehead

And thank you, Christian, for keeping the community informed on this and many other issues in our community.

Dorothy Morehead

Luke is the best booster Sunnyside has ever had. No one has worked harder or more joyfully to promote our community. The current leadership of the Chamber has failed this good man. Thank you, Pat, Manny and Frances, for your compassion and for taking the initiative. I’ll be there and will tell all my friends to come or to donate.


When I think of Luke, I think of the Chamber. I don’t know who is who over there, but they are not thinking straight. Wealthy business people letting go a senior with no money does not make friends or help Sunnyside’s image. Let’s see their weekly income. I will be there to support him.

Nancy Barrett

The community at large owes Luke! Luke has been great activist for our neighborhood! I wouldn’t hesitate to donate…I just have to ask…where is our community. Shouldn’t services be made available. We have a wonderful network in our community I would hope they would step to the plate so that Luke is taken care of properly in the same manner he has bestowed upon our community in his long years of service to it.

We are where we are today because of Mr. Luke Adams! He deserves everything and anything we have to offer as a community that we would offer to any of fellow neighbors.

There isn’t any part of our community that he hasn’t supported. What are the long term goals here to ensure Luke is taken care of properly/

Lady Liberty

So sorry to hear about Luke losing his job and his health problem. Luke Adams deserves better than this. He has been a loyal Sunnysider for many years–a pillar of our community. Perhaps there is a better position awaiting him in our neighborhood. I certainly hope so.


The chamber of commerce should be ashamed of themselves. They do this to a man who has been a standup person in our community. Luke s known by everyone in the community as a kind and loving and thoughtful person. Shame shame shame on the chamber. Wishing luke a speedy recovery.


A man such as this is a treasure. There is something wrong with a system that leaves such a good and generous man without resources.


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