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Fuel Leak From Car Leads to Overwhelming FDNY Response

Dec. 22, 2013 By Christian Murray

A fuel leak from a red Toyota Corolla parked on the side of 47th Street between 43rd and Skillman Ave. led to at least 20 firefighters arriving on the scene to drain the car’s gas tank.

Several firefighters tipped the car on its side so they could get as much gas out of the tank.

Another unit was brought in with equipment to drain the car of remaining gas. There were no injuries.

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They did this to my car 3yrs ago….except they cut off my gas tank and left it 5ft behind my car with a barrel of my unused gas in my passengers seat in 80* weather….it was a lovely gift to come home to after my wknd trip to see my cousin graduate from college in NC (the 1st trip in yrs being a broke college student with 3 jobs). Apparently a neighbor called so many times to complain of the gas smell within 48hrs that on day 3 they decided to take action. BTW the gas leak in the tank was so small my mechanic was surprised they had gone through all the trouble. Yeayy for me having to remind my Pa in the middle of graduation awards that we had to leave and pick up my car from the mechanic before they closed….his proud moment lasted a whole hour before turning toward me and saying “only you could manage to ‘break’ a car while it’s parked and 5 states away”

I can laugh at this now….The tow truck guy’s face was priceless when he found out what happened….and so was my fathers in a pic that caught when I was telling him during pictures at my awards ceremony

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Smitty, for what it is C-Town is pretty average. Food Bazaar however is in another league. The meat and seafood area is larger, nicer and cheaper than UES Fairway. Prices are potentially at an introductory low as everything is more than reasonable.

Imagine a store the size of Costco with comparable deals then put Patel Brothers, a Korean Market, Bravo Astoria and another C-Town inside because why not?

I walked around for an hour and was in a rush but I wanted to stay for a couple more hours just to soak it in.


Hey Off-topic. Thanks for the tip; I’ll check it out. Except I think a supermarket needs some time to settle in. I want to like the new C-town but right now it’s too generic. It needes time to mature, like a bottle of wine. The cashiers are certainly pleasant.

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Sorry to hijack this thread but Food Bazaar is amazing. Make a point to check it out, if you cook multiple regional cuisines this place is mind blowing. I honestly cannot find a fault with it.


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