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Food Bazaar to Open on Northern Blvd Next Week

Photo: QueensPost

Dec. 4, 2013 By Christian Murray

A new supermarket is opening on Northern Boulevard next week.

The Food Bazaar, located at 42-02 Northern Blvd, is currently in the finishing stages of stocking its shelves.  It is currently hiring staff on site.

The manager of the store said that supermarket would open next week, a statement that was confirmed by the company.  The manager did not want to provide any further details.

The new store will be part of the Food Bazaar chain that operates throughout the Tri-State area. This location will be the sixth to open in Queens.

The store was once a Pathmark supermarket. It closed in August 2012 following the bankruptcy of A&P.

A&P owned several Pathmark stores throughout Queens, including this location.

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Dorothy Morehead

Food Bazaar opened today. It’s huge! There is a big fresh fish section with fishmongers on site. The produce section is about three times the size of Stop n Shop’s with some fruits and vegetables I’ve never seen before–and I’ve been to 45+ countries. There are aisles designated by country with probably 15 different countries listed. There are lots of registers and service counters and elevators to the basement parking lot. There is a raffle for a new car.

It doesn’t look like Singa’s Pizza will be back, or Dunkin Donuts. The space at the front of the store is not finished yet but a display says it will be a cooking station for the store’s head chef. (The Singa’s on 44th St. And Greenpoint Ave. is still open.)

South Side Johnny

You can make veggie burgers at home? I thought you needed a lab and a chemistry degree? But I will agree, I like Stop & Shop, except when there’s no Express Lane.

Dorothy Morehead

Re veggie burgers: It sounds like the operators are receptive to suggestions. If there is a brand you particularly like, let them know. Better yet, why not make them yourself. There are a number of recipes at You can tweak them to your taste and freeze extras.

Conor Dunphy

I like the Stop N’ Shop on Northern Boulevard. It simply HAS everything. No decent frozen veggie burgers. But, EVERYTHING for your kitchen. Except decent frozen veggie burgers.

Food Bazaar, please try a new frozen veggie burger? No MourningStar! No Dr. Praegz’rs!

If the Winter has taught the U.S. anything, it is to sell organic, vegetable burgers. Unless you didn’t hear about the thousands of dead horse and cattle ranch livestock in Montana last week. I think sustainable production begs for m-n-p veggie burgers.

Otherwise, there’s always the affordable and all-encompassing health food of Go Natural in Woodside/Sunnyside. Sunshine Burger veggie burgers are always in.


As far as I can tell, Food Bazaar is essentially Key Foods. If memory serves the Key Foods on Queens Blvd used to print receipts that said “Food Bazaar” and the flyers for that Key Foods and the Food Bazaar on Skillman are virtually identical.

Mark of the Beast

“The manager did not want to provide any further details.”

Why would the manager miss a chance to get some local media exposure (free advertising), create some buzz and let us all know what a great store he’s going to open?

Unless of course, it’s not all that great.

Irving Douglas Estella

If this Food Bazaar is anything like the one near my work place in Brooklyn, I look forward to fabulously fresh produce, fish, and meat departments! Food Bazaar also specializes in meeting the grocery needs of the various ethnic communities in the neighborhood it serves. Read all about them at


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