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Flower baskets Go Up on Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Avenue

Photo: Sunnyside Shines

May 23, 2014 Staff Report

Sunnyside Shines placed 46 hanging flower baskets on lampposts throughout the business district today, with many of them going up on Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Avenue.

The baskets are affixed to light poles throughout the district. The funds for the baskets were allocated by Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s office.


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Squirts the Bum

Hem hem hem…Dem flowerz need some fertilizin’ *unzips pants* hem hem hem


Cheap rents, hahahah, 1500 for 1 bedroom ROFLOL

No wonder you hipsters be shopping at GoodWill and sucking on leaves for lunch.

Dov pincus

The flowers are very nice..thank you JVB….I only wish there was a way to stop the constant barrage of weekly circulars that end up all over our streets…the biggest culprit being the trade fair supermarket on Roosevelt ave

Hipsta Thugg

Right here, Ari.
But I’ll be headin to see some of my friends bands in Williamsburg later tonight. Until we get some real music venues in his place I go elsewhere for entertainment. I’m only here for the cheap rents. Yeah, you heard right – cheap rents here in Sunnyside! Im telling all my friends, they cant believe I only pay $1,500 for a 1BDRM

Hey Jimmy, whats holding up that plant? you hangin it on something??


I met Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey in there a long time ago. They were trying to order breakfast but the cook didn’t seem to hear them. Then I heard Pete say, “Tommy … Tommy can you hear me?”


Why hasn’t there been a report about the new Art Store? That place is amazing.

Flores 65

That’s great! Those flower baskets really make this neighborhood look beautiful. I wish Sunnyside Shines would install them outside the business district. That would make things even better.


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