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Firefighters, Public Pay Tribute to Woodside’s 9/11 Victims

Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 12, 2012 By Bill Parry

Hundreds gathered at Doughboy Park at 56th St. and 39th Dr. to take part in a candlelight vigil to honor the fallen on 9/11.

Ed Bergendahl of the Woodside Civic Association put the event together for the second year in a row. “It’s nice to see the community come out in memory of all those lost and the families that were affected,” he said. “I just wish there were more firefighters here, but I’m sure they had a very busy time downtown.”

As Bergendahl finished his thought, two fire trucks from Engine 325, Ladder 163 in Woodside pulled up at the edge of the park, and over a dozen of New York’s Bravest entered to take their seats in the first two rows for the ceremony. “Some of us were downtown and others were working,” said FF Mike Rogdakis of Syosset, Long Island, “We didn’t want to miss this.”

Woodside has a very deep connection to the events of 9/11, as Bergendahl pointed out during his speech: “Our zip code has the largest representation of those that died that day, just like during the Vietnam War.”

An inspection of the plaque on the plaza’s west wall shows that 34 people who worked or lived in Woodside died that morning 11 years ago, including Fire Marshal Ron Bucca, the only Marshal in the FDNY to die in the line of duty. Family members and friends laid flowers and lit candles as the names of the dead were read by local dignitaries.

Adrian Bordoni of Woodside on the Move and City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer both spoke and were instrumental in preparing the park in time for the ceremony.

Ed Bergandahl used the event as a lesson for the young people in the crowd. The Korean War veteran said “When you thank someone for serving it’s not just to a member of the military.  Anyone that does something for the community is serving.”

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86 mets i agree with you 100 percent. The reason that this is done is so that the fear of 9/11 is always within us.. It’s all media propaganda I do feel bad for the victims l but what saddens me more is that we were lied too!!!! It’s not fair!!!!..and just to add I did notice there were massive chemtrails In the sky’s yesterday what was that about ??????


God rest those who were murdered on 9-11. But many more people have died and been been killed since then in circumstances that didn’t make headlines. Their loss is no less tragic. Where is their commemoration?


Heard it. Did not go.
Out of our pain should come transformation, personal growth, and healing. Continuing the endless cycle of crying, reading names, and reminiscence does nothing but create more physical pain. It reflects our general unwillingness to let go as human beings and a nation. This is part of the unconscious reason the towers have not been completed to this very day.
This is why we see people today whose whole identity and persona become transmogrified into:9/11 widow survivor, and victim.


This site does basically the ONLY job of notifying what’s happening in Sunnyside. No fliers, No signs..nothing about this very important event. Sunnyside Blogger should be commended.

Sunnyside Post

Hi Pat,

It is a shame you were unable to make it. In any event, this item was listed on the calendar on the top right hand side. Keep an eye out on the calendar…it’s a new feature.




WOW, sure wish this had been promoted a bit more loudly. Would have been nice to attend instead of sitting in front of a TV …

Notices in churches, libraries, schools, and yes, even supermarket notice boards would have been nice. A short blurb on this publication would have helped get the word out too …


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