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Fire Rips Through Sunnyside E-Bike Store Thursday

A huge fire tore through a bike store in Sunnyside Thursday (Photos: Citizen)

Oct. 21, 2022 By Michael Dorgan – Updated

A huge fire tore through an e-bike store in Sunnyside Thursday evening.

The blaze broke out at The Fly Wing Bike Shop, located at 39-31 47 Ave., just after 6:30 p.m., according to the FDNY.

The fire started on the ground floor — where the store is situated — and quickly spread to the second floor of the three-story building, fire officials said.

Video footage posted online shows flames gushing out the front of the storefront and smoking billowing high up into the night sky.

One firefighter suffered minor injuries and no civilians were hurt, FDNY officials said. It is unclear how many people were inside the building when the fire started. The second and third floors contain apartment units.

Firefighters battled the blaze for about 2 hours and got the inferno under control just before 8:30 p.m.

The fire destroyed nearly 60 bikes – many of which were electrical or gasoline-powered — and FDNY investigators say the bikes may have played a role in sparking the fire, although the investigation is still ongoing.

Fire Inside Electrical Bike Store @CitizenApp

39-29 47th Ave Yesterday 6:48:14 PM EDT


The bike shop was closed at the time the blaze broke out with many of the bikes packed inside the premises, FDNY Battalion Chief Justin Zorbo told ABC7 News.

The heavy presence of the motorized bikes made it challenging for firefighters to tackle the blaze, Zorbo said.

“They are difficult to extinguish and require numerous hazmat resources,” Zorbo said.

“We used [an] all hands-on assignment on arrival with an additional engine and additional truck.”

The FDNY released a video on its social media platforms Friday morning warning of the dangers of lithium-ion batteries which are used to power e-bikes.

The department said the batteries can overheat and cause fires.

On Saturday, the windows and doors of the fire-ravaged building could be seen boarded up.

The storefront of the building next door, located at 39-33 47 Ave., also appeared to have been damaged by the blaze and it too was covered up.

On Saturday, the windows and doors of the fire-ravaged building could be seen boarded up (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

The storefront of the building next door, located at 39-33 47 Ave., also appeared to have been damaged by the blaze (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)


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Jimmy giannone

It was a better neighborhood before all the illegal immigrants came here back in the 1980s

Scaar D. O’Thatt

Shouldn’t a store selling and repairing E-Bikes, or gasoline powered vehicles have some sort of “Fire Suppression System” just as a restaurant or Dry Cleaner and Laundromats must?
Why is this even allowed in a mixed use residential building? Are they regularly inspected by FDNY?


Because enforcing any and all laws is racist, didn’t you hear? Enforcement of fire code is a racist plot that disproportionately affects brown people, you bigot! If you live in a building that includes utilities in the rent, check those smoke detectors. There is a cottage industry of people charging batteries for nonresidents, but again complaining about such ingenuity is patently racist.


I don’t understand how a mechanical shop is allowed in a residential building. They have gas in there, they have compressors, gas tanks, all combustible . Right across the street is a tire shop. That’s the next place to blow up .


its not allowed. they were selling electric scooters to anyone, no license needed. likely they cut corners and used low quality batteries that didnt have protection circuits. the landlord is in trouble. the lawsuits will pile up from tenants and neighbors since the surrounding buildings are also affected.


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