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Fire breaks out at Riko on Greenpoint Avenue, damage but no injuries


Nov. 26, 2016 Staff Report

A fire broke out at on Greenpoint Avenue Saturday morning at the Peruvian restaurant Riko.

The blaze was called in at 8:58 am and 60 firefighter arrived at the 45-23 Greenpoint Avenue to put it out. There was extensive damage but no injuries.

The fire was brought under control by 10:01, according to the FDNY.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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Do not try this at home

One chicken survived this inferno. It was instantly named “the miricle chicken of 46st” by the latin community. The chicken will be on display all holiday season at the restaurant. People are donating. Bring cash.

joe crowley wishes you a happy cyber monday

that place has no room insde to move and lately ive been seeing a guitar player singing away near the burning chickens. seemed dangerous.

Sunnyside Kid

So, to all those commenting about this is fishy and shady characters, etc…where the f**k is the evidence to back this up? Produce something or else you’re just talking out your ass. So, relax all you super sleuths!


Your an idiot. The customer service there is pathetic. They are probably doing better on Queens Blvd, so why not burn down the one on Greenpoint to get insurance money. They are very very shady!!!


@sunnysidr kid. The first thing investigators will do is review behavior that is not regular or ordinary. Is opening a restaurant 2 blocks away regular or ordinary in the restaurant business? 1975 is right, you’re an idiot.

Sunnyside Kid

Yeah, I’m an idiot but you both still have NO proof and are still talking out your asses. Again, produce the evidence to back up the shadiness or fishiness of it all. Assumptions are not evidence. “Pathetic customer service” and trying to explain to me what investigators do are also NOT evidence. Btw, 1975, it’s “you’re”, as in “you are”, but, if you want, I can still be your idiot. 😉


There is so many chicken places, its not like you cant gat a chicken any more. The owner will make a bundle off the insurance


Im not surprised the place is a grease pit and a fire trap if its crowded. I had dinner there once and that was it for me. Even the floors were greasy, waitresses were cute though, very nice.

Sunnyside Resident, 46 yrs.

No one has mentioned the Jewelry store next to the restaurant! I was sorry to see that it was fully damaged.

Louis Scaglia

It is clearly Donald. The reataurant belongs to Mexicans and the jeweler is Jewish. He hates them and burned their places down. This guy is the next Nero.

Love pio pio!!!

I love that place! I was planning on ordering the Combo Chalaco tomorrow. Hope they’re back soon.

South Side Johnny

They’re already open for business. The negative comments and reckless accusations here are disturbing, at the least.


Something is going on here. They strangely open another restaurant at 44 th and Queens Blvd., identical to the original one on 46th and Greenpoint, where the fire broke out. Appears very fishy.

Adios Fidel

No doubt some anti-hispanic Donald Trump supporter was behind this. When is JVB holding his next rally?


It’s a shame, they got nice chicken. Hopefully they can recover soon and not miss the holiday rush.

Wondering if someone left something on that lead to the fire at 8am when there was probably nobody in there.

El loco

Not happy about the fire but you must be in drugs. Cardboard has a better taste than their chicken.


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