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Filipino Street Food Franchise Opens in Woodside’s Little Manila

Dollar Hits located at 39-04 64th Street (Instagram: Dollar Hits)

Aug. 23, 2022 By Czarinna Andres

A popular California-based restaurant that sells Filipino street food has opened a location in Woodside’s Little Manila.

Dollar Hits, which has two locations in Los Angeles, has opened a restaurant in the heart of Little Manila at 39-04 64th Street.

The eatery is near other popular Filipino chains, such as Jollibee and Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

The owners consist of three sisters—Elvie Chan, Josephine Estoesta and Nelita Deguia—who hail from Pampanga, a province North of Manila. The sisters held a grand opening Saturday.

Dollar Hits is best known for its grilled skewers, where it offers more than 30 varieties for a $1.50 each. The varieties include mainstream offerings such as chicken and pork, to quintessential Filipino items such as “isaw,” a skewer of grilled pork intestines, “adidas,” which is grilled chicken feet, or “kwek kwek,” which is battered quail eggs.

They skewers were originally priced at $1—as in “Dollar Hits”— when the business first opened in 2013 in California. The Woodside location is selling the skewers for $1.50 due to the higher operating costs.

Grilled chicken bbq (Instagram: Dollar Hits)

Aside from the skewers, the restaurant also offers other popular Filipino street foods such as the “Balut,” a fertilized duck egg, “turon,” a fried banana with jackfruit and caramel, and “ukoy,” a fried shrimp and vegetable fritter.

There are other items on the menu that include rice dishes and breakfast combos starting at $8. Authentic Filipino dishes such as Dinuguan are also on offer. Dinuguan is a Filipino savory stew usually of pork offal simmered in a rich, spicy dark gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili, and vinegar.

Dollar Hits took over two adjacent storefronts–the former Nepalese restaurant, Sumnima Kitchen and the former Habibi Deli. The restaurant has capacity for 30 customers indoors and can cater to another 30 outdoors.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to midnight.

Pork Isaw (Photo: Instagram: Dollar Hits)



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Ben U.

I hope Dollar Hits comes back soon. The sausages & hot dogs are delicious and the beef liver is so healthful.
Regarding other comments here: When I first moved to Woodside it was SOOO Irish, Woodside nearly meant Little Ireland. An old-timer once told me of old street gang battles versus other ethnic groups. Many moved back to Ireland, the finances there improved for a while plus some nice deals for oldsters.
Now we have tons of Filipinos, Colombians, Chinese, Nepalese-Tibetans, Thai, Mexicans. But some of the Irish network remains and thrives. I wish the Mexican restaurants would make their food Mexican-spicy, they seem to think that everybody else around here is from Ohio where even the coffee tastes like weak tea. Anyway, I thought that Little Manila was at 70th St. with the Phil-Am (doubly lovely name) food mart. I was thinking that 64th St. between Roosevelt Ave. & 39th Ave. would be “Mini Manila” what with Dollar Hit and Kalye alond the same street. Mexican restaurant & bakery La Fe is also along that stretch. Some alcohol went into the composition of this comment.


It’s funny that there’s no little Dublin in Woodside or Sunnyside considering all the current and historical Irish community.


We need a little NYC somewhere in NYC where native New Yorkers and people who love the United States first and not the country they came from first. Oh no this guy is a racist! Let’s cancel him, demonstrate in front of his house, ruin his life, get him fired from his job! Ahhh.

Why does the Radical Right want everything to be PC?

Locals know that “Little Ireland” is Woodlawn (BX). How many of them do we need?

Now that you’re not TOTALLY uninformed, you can stop pretending to be offended?


Wow menu items really turned my stomach : pork intestines ,fertilized duck eggs , offal .No thanks. sounds like 3rd world country food .

More of a chicken-fried-steak guy?

Yeah, you’d have to be crazy to enjoy ethnic food! Maybe there’s a Chick-fil-A nearby if you prefer bland food?

Imagine being this fragile

Maybe you could ask them to add Kraft Instant Mac n Cheese to the menu?

3rd World

It is a third world country! Sorry you just want to be stuck in your tiny little box while I enjoy exploring delicacies from other countries- without leaving my neighborhood!


Little Manila? What was wrong with Big Manila that so many people from there prefer to live in Woodside?

Thanks for making this negative

Hooray, a new small business opened! We could either:
1. celebrate and support our community
2. shout strange bigoted rants at clouds

…I see you’ve chosen #2. Why don’t you support middle class business owners?


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