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FDNY Looks to Acquire 43rd Street Site in Order to Keep Spare Fire Engines

39-34 43rd St. (SunnysidePost)

April 18, 2014 By Christian Murray

The FDNY has its sights set on acquiring a property on 43rd Street that would be used to house spare fire engines.

The property, located at 39-34 43rd St., will not be used as a firehouse, but instead as a facility that will have a supply of spare fire engines– as well as provide storage.

The purpose of the facility is to help fire companies manage their fleet. For instance, if a firehouse were to have an engine in need of maintenance, the captain could use a spare vehicle located at the 43rd Street property while the engine were being repaired.

The vehicles would not be repaired on the 43rd Street property but elsewhere.

The FDNY seeks the property since its current site in Maspeth is in a flood zone. There was significant water damage at that site following Hurricane Sandy.

A representative of the FDNY said that the trucks would not be used for emergencies, so there would not be any flashing lights coming in and out of the facility.

The FDNY would also store items such as wood, concrete, piping and dry wall on the site to ensure that it has a supply should a firehouse be in need of repairs.

The FDNY, however, needs to get a zoning change before it can go ahead with its plans. It will be undergoing the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure. Therefore, more details about the plan will be unveiled soon and the public will be able to have a voice on the application at a Community Board 2 public hearing.

The public hearing is likely to be in June.

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Yeah it was a warehouse storage place for Robbins. Then it became a Chinese laundromat/ sweat shop for a while. I remember having to jump up on the roof when either lost a ball or if we simply needed one for a quick game of handball. We would go up there and make it rain balls.. The good old carefree days!

Concerned Hipster

What a dreadful waste. And to think this building could have been rezoned into a mixed use commercial/residential with artists’ lofts and office space for graphic design companies. I would have considered basing my start-up here but I suppose I’ll have to settle for working from the new Caffe Bene for now.

Real gardener

The city should take those ugly garages across the street in eminent domain they are a complete eye sore and not maintained


This should be turned into a neighborhood garage the fdny can find somewhere else to store there trucks.

Hoof Hearted

@Preschool teacher

I always find it funny how some people can’t understand that other people take an interest in what happens in their neighborhood and how it might affect them, for better or for worse.

Oldschool Sunnysider

There goes another number of parking spots to those FDNY members who will work there. ANOTHER LOSS for the neighborhood.
Hoof…nobody begrudges firefighters who work at firehouses.
But those who will working at the facility are NOT FIGHTING FIRES.
They should find, and pay for, parking like the people who ACTUALLY LIVE HERE and not just expect to display a placard and park anywhere they find convenient.

Preschool Teacher

I always find it funny how the comment-ers on here can always find a way to figure out how this “news” will negatively impact them or someone in the neighborhood. It just cracks me up.


Take a drive around the FDNY Garage at 48-67 34TH, you will see that his fear is quite valid.

Hoof Hearted

@preschool teacher

All I see is one commenter who points out that parking spaces might be lost as a result of this. He may very well be right. Who says he begrudges firefighters parking?

Preschool Teacher

Back in ‘the day,’ there used to be a chain of junk stores called Robbins. They had a big location on Steinway St. Back in the ’70s, it was the corporate office. You’re welcome.

Oh, and I read the comments because I thought, how could the curmudgeons on here possibly put a negative spin on this. Of course, somebody did. Do we really begrudge a firefighter a parking space? Really? 🙂

woodside guy

There was once a chain of discount stores..i think the name was Robbins there was one on Steinway street…anyway i remember they once had a sign on this building so maybe it was their warehouse

woodside guy

There was once a chin of sicount stores..i think the name was Robbins there was one on Steinway street…anyway i remember they once had a sign on this building so maybe it was their warehouse


I have always wondered what that building has been. In over 30 years I have never seen anything come out of it.

allow me to retort


The guy does a blog devoted to real estate issues in Queens. It’s vital info to him. It would be scary if he didn’t know the score.


Queens Crapper – how do you know all that????? Scary that you know all that useless information. Sorry, but i couldn’t resist.

Queens Crapper

The facility in Maspeth was acquired via eminent domain. It belonged to Duane Reade, which was leasing it to FDNY. When Duane Reade decided not to renew the lease, it was condemned by the City, which apparently wasn’t too concerned about flood zones at the time.


At first, I thought the article was referring to engines as an car and truck engines. But I realize the “engines” is referring to fire apparatus. It might be clearer if expressed that way. This could be a good thing if it gets the various yellow, lime green, black, and whatever other color cars for higher to slowdown from Barnett Avenue to 43rd Ave. There’s already a constant stream of cars and trucks going in and out of the driveway to the Major World facility right next to this location.


at least something will be done with the place. i don’t think i’ve ever seen it as anything else but an abandoned building.


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