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Express Bus Service from Woodside to La Guardia Airport Begins Sunday

Sept. 6, 2013 By Christian Murray

Getting to La Guardia Airport is going to be getting a little bit easier for many Sunnyside and Woodside residents.

Starting Sunday, a new express bus service will take passengers from 61st/Woodside to La Guardia Airport.

The new Q70 route, which will make just one stop—at Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue—could get travelers from Western Queens to LaGuardia in less than 30 minutes by taking the 7 train to Woodside and the Q70 to the airport.

Officials claim that travelers in midtown Manhattan could get to the airport via the 7 train and Q70 in 35 minutes.

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Thank you Dorothy…..I personally believe that we need elected officials with vision. Seems to me candidates lack either the courage or ability nessacery to make this City truly great again. The civil rights movement is important but it wont be unless we have something worth fighting for. Trains, true open high speed internet access, drivable roads, proper sewage and waste disposal, basic courses in “civics” given in public schools, a dress code for public employees and proactive services not reactive responses……

Dorothy Morehead

It’s not just Europe that has excellent one-ride public transportation from airport to city center. Cleveland has a light rail system that costs $1.10 from the airport to a beautiful underground mall directly under my hotel. MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) is a fantastic rail system that gets you all over the city. For $2.25 I travelled from the airport to three blocks from my hotel in about 20 minutes. But the best of all was the high speed mag-lev train in Shanghai. The trains are gorgeous with comfortable cushioned seats. They are quiet, dependable, amazingly fast and get to the airport in 20 minutes for about $5.00 (in 2008). I would have enjoyed them even more if I hadn’t been aggravated by their being in China and not in the United States!


We should build a monorail on 46th from Sunnyside to Astoria. Do those things really work well? It wouild be preferable to the bus. It would also be conveniet to get to the beer garden on 36th st.

South Side Johnny

In the past five years, I’ve used all three area airports and managed to get back and forth using public transportation with out any difficulty. Comapring NYC to European cities comparing apples to oranges- my cousing is from Hamburg and he marvels at how NYC moves millions of people around 24/7 with a swagger and a shrug.

And personally, after 8 years of a conservative Repulican president who got us mired in two dumb wars and almost destroyed the economy, I see President Obama as a breath of fresh air and a welcome change. Pretend that his intelligence and a serious reluctance to act hastily is wrong, but don’t expect the rst of us to ignore the facts.

sunnyside whines

Dubliner makes a good point. I’m embarrassed for the city every time a visitor realizes we aren’t capable of making a direct line from the airport to the city like most european cities have. The concept of point A to point B doesn’t seem to exist here. On top of that, we dump them off at the dirty, dingy Jamaica subway stop.


Ask any person visiting NY for the first time “What do you think of our airports?” How bout the roads to and from? The airtran cost several billion dollars…the Scandinavians build nuclear power plants for a 5th of what that cost. Why are’nt the Mayoral candidates interested in the infrastructure of this crumbling City? Further developement in Willets Point and no adequate roads to get there ? A 7 train built close one hundred years ago?

house of O'shea

Dubliner- give it a rest.
We need no monorail. Evidence of third world status lies in the construction and boondoggle associated with anything built in NYC. Just look at how long it is taking to finish the WTC. The JFK air train took five years and more than a billion. Then there is the 59th street subway construction in Manhattan- finished junior high and college. The construction was still going on!


Thats great…..
Further evidence that America is headed to third world status…..why not a mono rail along the Grand Central that connects to the “N” train in astoria? The state just spent millions and ten years fixing the GC by lagaurdia and there is no difference?

Celtic Bark


OR……. you could just go to airport sober like a responsible human being. Just a suggestion.


Cool! So I can drink at the Woodside pubs than go to the 24 hour Dunkin donut after the bar closes. Than I catch the bus straight to the airport. All smelling like whisky! Sweet!!


It will make a lot of cab driver’s very sad. Those airport trips are dependable income. But, it will help clean the air we all breath.


I know I’m just being selfish, but it would have been even better if they had put it somewhere in sunnyside lol. But it is still a welcome improvement if it’s faster than the Q47 from 74th street.


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