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Electric Bike Store to Open On Queens Blvd.

Photo: QueensPost

March 21, 2012 By Christian Murray

An electric-bike store is opening at 41-27 Queens Blvd., the former location of the Mobile Wireless store.

The store to be called New York City E-Bike is expected to be open soon, with the owner about to change the sign, paint the interior and set up a cash register.

E-Bikes, which can reach high speeds approaching 30mphs, were made illegal in New York City in 2004.

Last month, Upper East Side councilwoman Jessica Lappin told reporters that she wants to double the fine for E-bike riders from $500 to $1,000. She said: “They are a nightmare for pedestrians,” adding, “My office receives constant complaints about them riding on the sidewalks, traveling opposite traffic, running red lights, just being reckless and dangerous.”

The bikes are often used by food deliverymen.

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Long Island Electric Bikes

I started a small electric bike business on Long Island in 2011 and it is interesting to see people’s perception. There are obviously vey varying opinions. I hope that we can eventually utilize these bikes in a safe, effective and efficient way.

The laws regarding ebikes are a bit murky at the moment, as NYS created a law in the 80’s making motorized bikes illegal, but since then the Federal government created a law stating that electric bikes that have a top speed of under 20mph are considered legal. There have been many including myself working to pass legislation in New York with new provisions for this new classification of bike, but as with most things, the process is slow moving,


The e-bikes that assist to 20mph limit should be legal.
People should watch out for bikers. It’s no different when a person is running towards you. What do you do? Cyclists don’t intently bike into a person. I don’t think e-bikers go 20mph on a sidewalk. About bikers going at the opposite of traffic, it could be safer if they follow it. They don’t bike in front of the cars. There should be room for the a bike to pass going both directions. I don’t really see how it’s dangerous for a bike to be in the opposite of traffic. It’s not the same as a car doing it. How many car drive close to parked cars?


i like the bikes at least you don’t need a license to ride at 30 miles per hour

Vigil Ante

I’ll fix this.. I’m going to carry a broomstick over my shoulder and at the last second as one of these philistenes passes, turn and knock them of the “bike”. So you out there that order food deliveries, it might be a bit late and with blood stains on the bags. Sorry, but Vigil’s gotta set these outsiders straight aboiut the laws in the good ol USA.

P & B

We stopped a delivery guy on the sidewalk last night– he was on the electric bike. My husband told him in spanish to get on the street and ride, he laughed and said no problema, then continued to cruise down the sidewalk. They don’t listen. There needs to be stiff fines for this action.


electric bikes?????????????????




It is illegal to drive an electric bike on a city street, however it is not illegal to own one. NYT story here:

mister bater

so, um, they’re illegal…and they are opening up a store selling them. am i missing something?


someone’s gonna have to end up seriously hurt before attention is brought to the misuse of these bikes.


NY Style Eats has a whole bunch of these things. You can see them charging up in front of the place. How do they get away with it if it’s illegal?

Simple Sunnyside Solution

If they are relegated to the bike lane, force people to use them more like bikes – throw a speed limiter on there and enforce existing bicycle laws. I would still rent one and cruise around Queens (not the blvd).

Bliss & Skillman

This is a no-brainer and apparently there are a lot of people in charge who have no brains.

They definitely should have to follow the same traffic laws as cars and motorcycles and bicycles. They should carry the same consequences as cars and motorcycles (so should scooters) since they are powered by a motor.

What’s the punishment for driving a car on the sidewalk? What’s the punishment for driving a car under the influence of intoxicants? What’s the punishment for riding a motorcycle without a helmet? Same rules should apply!


If they’re are they allowed to open? Oh that’s right they will be able to use “BIKE LANES” and I’m sure they wont have to be licensed, carry insurance etc etc…why bother to make laws when the city who has banned them allow them to open them! $$$$$$$$$$$$

Just Looking

How can you sell electric bikes in a city where they are illegal? Do people carry them away?

And they should be legal. Ticket the people who break the traffic laws, but don’t ban the bikes. They are a very wise way to get around town. They are cheap, efficient, and useful. Should we make pedal bikes illegal because sometimes they are misused and hurt people? If so, cars should be illegal, too.

Oppressed Masses

Can we get around to opening medical marijuana shops? Those are a heck of a lot safer than these zany e-bikes and those who operate them.


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