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Elected Leaders to Field Questions at Sunnyside Town Hall Sunday

(Stand Up Sunnyside)

Sept . 24, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

A town hall meeting featuring three elected officials is taking place in Sunnyside this Sunday.

About 150 people are expected to attend the public meeting that has been scheduled to take place at Sunnyside Community Services at 43-31 39th St. on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 2 p.m.

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and State Sen. Mike Gianaris will all be in attendance and will be answering questions on topics determined by residents.

The town hall is being organized by the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Stand Up Sunnyside, a newly-formed group advocating for more community involvement in local politics.

The group was set up by volunteers who worked on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign in 2018.

Both organizations are asking residents for feedback as to the topics they want discussed. The organizations are asking people to go to the following survey link to list the issues they want addressed. They can also email suggestions to

The Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce has sent the survey to its members, while Stand Up Sunnyside will canvas residents at the 40th Street and 46th Stations between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. from Tuesday to Thursday to get their thoughts.

The groups will then compile a list of topics based off the answers and the three elected officials will be quizzed on the topics at Sunday’s meeting.

The meeting will also include a Q&A that will allow residents to raise other issues.

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Entertainment at its best!

So many rules and you had to hit the lotto to ask a question… yet the organizers of the event couldn’t even follow their own rules…. shouting out of turn, allowing speakers to run past their two minutes, shouting out when a view other than their own was shared. I’ll be back for the next meeting; but I will bring popcorn next time.

Mess on Bliss

It’s the same group of clowns posturing to appear as the ‘voice’ of the neighborhood. They are pathologically obsessed with van bramer and bike lanes. They don’t represent me!


They will watch you and have their spies in the audience. You will be filmed and they will know who you are. I have called out the littleman JVB several times in public forums only to be rebutted by the same group he employs, on his payroll who rabidly defend him tooth and nail.

Jerry O'Rourke

The Chamber is a joke. The same small handful of privileged, self congratulating, egotistical white NIMBYs trying to pass as progressives. They do nothing positive for the neighborhood. I’ll pass.

Wake up

But, you wont. You will stand by, or go watch a football game instead. One thing i learned living in sunnyside is everybody talks but nobody does nothing about it. Bla bla bla jvb this, jvb that! Nobody votes him out. One of you clowns actually posted we get stuck with the likes of jvb. Your not stuck, get off the barstool and go vote him out election time. Everyone complains about this guy but he won in a landslide. Shows me alot of talk from non voters. I voted against him.

Gardens Watcher

He’s term-limited as our city councilman, and will continue in that role even if he loses the 2020 primary for QB President.

LIC Direct

1. Our schools don’t work and Cathy Nolan in the Pocket of the Teachers Union and against Charter Schools that have filled the void.

2. Gianaris — dont show your face in the projects — basically called black, hispanic and South Asians , all of us stupid and when he opposed the jobs coming to LIC at Amazon and said we could not aspire to them. 3. Jimmy Van Bramer who has done nothing for this community other the use the office as a platform for the next job he has aspirations to get new job Queens Borough President.

Big man

Considering what a bad political actor the chamber has been in our community and how several of its members are actively trying to end JVB’s career over his support of bike lanes, I applaud Jimmy for even considering attending something like this. I think it’s proof that he has moved on and I would hope the “Sunnysiders of the Year” can muster an ounce of class too because the bike lanes are absolutely fantastic!


We should all hold a protest against the tyrant little ceaser JVB and his incompetence when it comes to representing the true constituents of sunnyside lic woodside. The removal of the bike lanes should be of topic along with how the empty lot will probably be sitting for the next ten years where sidetracks once stood. JVB is a horrible councilmember and does NOT represent his community. He is what is wrong with our political system. Another old white man representing a demographic of minorities.


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