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Eight story building to go up in Sunnyside, house to be demolished

41-34 45th Street

May 30, 2017 By Christian Murray

A developer filed plans last week for an 8 story, 25-unit complex to go up on in Sunnyside, according to Building Department records.

The building, which would go up at 41-34 45th Street, would replace an existing 2-story brick house. The developer, Juan Rodriguez of Sunnyside-based Capira Realty, obtained a demolition permit on March 1 to demolish the property.

The new building, which would be 80 feet in height, would consist of a community facility on the first floor alongside one apartment and the lobby area, according to the plans. Floors two through seven would each contain four units, with the top floor consisting of two units.

Rodriguez said at this point the units are like to be condos as opposed to rentals.

The building would also contain 13 parking spaces and bicycle parking.

Rodriguez said that he aims to start demolishing the house in about 3 months, with the entire project taking a little over 2 years. He said he is still waiting on Con Edison and other city agencies to give him the green light before he can commence with demolition.

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I’m so sick of houses going down only for the land to be developed into cheap enormous dwellings with ugly fake metal all over. This whole neighborhood is going to s#it and it’s a matter of time before all the middle class gets pushed out. Such a shame.


Does anyone remember the beautiful yard that sat between this house and the six story building to the South of it with it’s beautiful old trees that were all destroyed to put in the parking lot that currently sits there?


I can’t wait this is right across from my building. 2 years of constant noise. Where’s my quality of life, the peace and quiet of this beautiful neighborhood? Is he going to pay the people with their apartments that face the street for all the disturbances? And what happened about not being able to build over 6 floors, changing the landscape? Go to LIC they seem to love all this!

Millennial 1917

“How do you think the building you live in got there? A stork?”

Leon Trotsky planted a seed and Uncle Bernie watered it. Where do you think buildings come from?


I’ve always liked that house, especially since it has been fixed up in the past few years. It is kind of isolated, there though. I can’t say I love shoving more and more people into the same amount of space, but that is what money makers want to do. So they are going to do it.

for no damn reason joe crowley wishes you a happy tuesday

8 stories, 25 units w parking…. all on a plot of land approx 47×100? Seems a little tight

Creatineis Asteroid

Sunnyside’s historical buildings being demolished 1 by 1. I already moved out of Sunnyside because of the high rent. Every year that I visit Sunnyside, I barely recognize it anymore.


I’m sure it’ll be a cheap looking slapped together monstrosity that will look decades old within a few months just like The Regency across the street;

Guy who checked ACRIS

The property records don’t make it clear. Juan Rodriguez purchased the house from a bank back in 1996, so I imagine he paid a couple hundred thousand on it.


Gotta be at least $600,000.00 A one family not too far sold for $600,000, so if this is more than 1 family, bet it went for more than that!

Marielisa Araque

An excellent landlord. Always on top of every single detail. Good luck in this new venture.


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